Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh: ” Sang Bi!”

Born on april 10th, 1983; he will live 92 years. Yes, 92 good years symbolizing the numerical value of the name of the prophet Muhammad (ss). Seydi Mouhamed El Sheikh is mythical, mystical and undeniably holds the exclusivity of the Holy History and the secrets of the powerful Light of the Tarikha Tidjaniya. He physically met the great helper pole, his Excellency Mawlana Cheikhou Tidjani on April 10,1997, where he legacy received the light of the tarikha tijianiya in the Shahada world (on earth) during this famous summer afternoon meeting .

His disciples call him also  Khutbul Akhtaabul Kabir or Imam Al Mahdi. He is the last of Mawlana Sheikh Ahmed At-Tidjani Sheriff’s Khalifes on earth. He is a guide, a teacher, a missionary who draws from the Enlightenment of the “Bast” world, who crosses Al-Khayssiya, stops in Khaïb, visits Al Batinoulbaatinn, contemplates Al Baatinn, to expose all these realities in the Shahada world.

Sang Bi, Imam Al Mahdi forges his disciples and followers, in the faith in Islam and the law of tarikha Tijaniya.

Imam Al Mahdi will dominate the world trough his unique power, his unimaginable strength and the secret of “Koune fa Yakoune”.

He will go to hajj to mecca this years (2019) and in 2022 where he will be 40 years old, he will be known all over the world and his mission will really begin.