The mistake of Jacob (as) that plunges Yusuf into the well

Jacob, as a prophet, Allah had blessed his word to the point that everything he said came true. When Yusuf’s brothers came to ask him to let Yusuf accompany them to lead the cattle into the bush, Jacob replied, “I do not want to let Yusuf go with you, because I fear that in a […]

Nubuwa or Prophecy and the gift of dream interpretation

The Noubouwa or Prophecy held by Yusuf was particular. We will remind you of the different kinds of Prophecies that exist and their origins.On the one side, there is the Noubouwatoul Ah’zam or the Ah’zam Prophecy held by the Prophet Mouhamad ( p.b.u.h) that gave birth to the Noubouwatoul Ah’zar or the Ah’zar Prophecy that […]

The Mahdi’s Mission and Physical Characteristics

Imam-Mahdi-AS in garden paradise

When he appears, meaning when the world discovers him as the Al Mahdi (Amirul Muminina), he will be 40 years old, like the age Prophet Muhammad had when began his mission. At 45 years old, he will dominate most of the Muslim world, except a few. Throughout his mission, he will confirm the position of […]