The relationship between Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Insa ibn Mariam has been first proven by Sacred History. Prophet Muhammad (saw) once sent some members of his community to the Christian king who ruled over Ethiopia. Before going further , it’s important to examine the relationship between the two Prophets. The reason why we talk about this relationship is because some use it to reject the qur’anic perspective. A saint who was part of the most highly ranked forty saints had a talked to colleague into believing what the Qur’an taught regarding Insa (as). But the colleague avoided the debate saying he did not mean Insa ibn Mariam, but Jesus Christ, intending thus to create two distinct personalities.

The Qur’anic teachings are clear that there is no difference between Insa ibn Mariam and Jesus Christ: they are just one person. God has pledged to preserve the holy Qur’an from any falsification, which is not the case for other revealed Books. The Torah, a book revealed to Moses (as), has been distorted by Jews, renaming it the bible of Moses. The Injîl, a book revealed to Insa, has been falsified and renamed the Evangel of Insa. Such a name of Jesus Christ cast doubt on certain people whether he was a muslim. First of all, the Qur’an denied that Insa ibn Mariam, known as Jesus Christ, was a son of God. Second, Insa foresaw the coming of Prophet Muhammad (saw) as reported in the Qur’an:  “O children of Israel, indeed I am the messenger of Allah to you confirming what came before me of the Torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmad.” But when the prophet of Islam came with all the due evidence, they said it was sheer magic to disbelieve him. However, the holy Qur’an recognizes Jesus Chris and Insa ibn Mariam as one human being, despite what people say. He is a servant of God, his Prophet, and God forgave him of all accusations against him.

The Authenticity of Prophetic Message and Religious Rebellion

Besides, it is necessary to know that since the prophet Adam (as) until the prophet Mouhamed (saw) all the prophets sent by Allah (swt) was Muslims. When the Jews and the westerns wondered about the belonging of prophet Ibrahim (as) and when each side claimed that he was his, Allah (swt) answered them in the holy Quran in these terms: Abraham was neither Jewish nor Christian but he was entirely subject to Allah (swt) that is to say that he was Muslim. And he was not among the number of associates (V67, S03). This is a proof that Allah (swt) recognizes as Muslim any prophet who has been sent.

But, in the same way that the world moves, each mission is conveyed in real time. That is why when the jews claimed to belong to the community of Moses. As Muslims, we accept this state of affairs because at that time, they used the prescriptions of Injîl. If these books had not been falsified and renamed respectively by the Tora of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they would have had the same content as the holy Quran. Allah (swt) has never changed his Words. The words that testify to his oneness and that each prophet has conveyed.

However, what has happened between Mecca and Ethiopia may astonish many people because the prophet of Islam has gathered some of his companions like Jâfar, Abdourahmâne Ibn ‘Awf to send them to the King. He already understood that the fight against Islam will never end and that the strategy of the detractors of Mecca was to try to destroy the willing of his companions. Usually, the critics do not directly attack the ideology of a missionary. They first try to annihilate the willing of those who is with him. In Mecca, they knew that everyone including the little ones would believe in the Islamic ideology that was conveyed by the Prophet Mouhamed (as).

That is why he was called Al Amine meaning the Righteous, the Just, and they knew his only preoccupation was to tell the truth and he did not deal with trivial things. That is why they opted for the strategy of attacking the willing of those who was with him. However, even with that, they could not make them disbelieve the prophet. They choose then to murder or exterminate them with embargos or other cruel means.  

Muslim Emigration to Ethiopia Through Prophet Muhammad’s Connection with Insa (as)

In view of the difficult situation of his companions, the prophet Muhammad (saw) resorted to his relationship with Prophet Insa (as). In fact, the Holy History shows that Prophet Muhammad (saw) has a particular connection with all the prophets but none is more solid than that he has with the prophet Insa ibn Mariam. In the audio entitled “The descent of prophet Insa” available on YouTube, it is talked about Insa’s interrupted mission to let the place to the mission of Prophet Muhammad (saw). When the prophet Mouhamad left this world, Insa will come back to continue his interrupted mission and by this very fact occasion he will confirm the ideology Islamic of Muhammad. This fact will be proved by his relationship with the Imam Mahdi (the well guided). Therefore, we realize that the mission of Insa is linked with that of prophet Insa. In the holy history, the prophet Muhammad is always supported by the prophet Insa. The first support was in Ethiopia. Since the Prophet is very upright, very honest and truthful, he consulted Insa when he wanted to send his companions to Ethiopia to the king who was the disciple of Jesus son of Mary.

 The prophet Muhammad (saw) knew that his companions will find Jesus’s disciples there (Ethiopia). As the companions knew that they were going to apply ideology Islamic on Christian land so the Prophet wanted to make sure that this would have the assent of Jesus. In fact, missions are alike. Only ideologies differ. So He consulted Jesus in the intelligible world when he was in full crisis with Mecca people (Quraychs) who were not disciples of Jesus. After their meeting, the prophet Jesus told him that his disciple in Ethiopia was truthful which meant that the belief of that disciple did not correspond to what was told in the bible (Injîl) because the latter was falsified to remove certain things. Insa continued to testify another thing to his disciple: he is a wise king who everyday minds his own business. From that testimony, Prophet Muhammad (saw) knew that the king would not judge incorrectly. After their agreement, he sent Jâfar, Abdourahmâne ibn ‘Awf and the delegation. From the moment that he knew that, the king was wise and he will not manhandle his companions in Ethiopia, the prophet was not afraid for their lives and security.

King Negus’ Approval of Muslims in Ethiopia Despite the Enemy’s Scheme

Despite the fact that the opponents from Mecca had been paid and sent to Ethiopia to negatively influence the judgment of the king on the companions of the prophet Muhammad (saw). Once they all find themselves in a room with the presence of the king sitting in his throne and then everybody who was in the room had to bow down expect the Muslim delegation so they asked them why you did not bow down. So Abdourahmâne ibn Auf and Jâfar told them that we only bow down to God. Such was the truth despite of seeking refuge, they was all ready to give up their lives for the sake of their faith. The Opponents took this as an opportunity to say, “You see that was what we told you about their rudeness. This is the reason we chased them out of mecca and after that the opponents said the king that the amazing thing in all of this is that their disagreement with you.

The king asked in what? Their answer concerning about Insa they said he is not the son of God and you all said and believe that he is the son of God. The king knew this goes against his faith but he remained cautious and told the opponents of Mecca that is their point of view. It is at this point he asked if the Quran talk about the Virgin Mary. They answer yes and they recited the surah Mariam. This surah penetrated into the heart of the king. This is the reason the king told to the opponents of Mecca even if you gave me millions of millions of goods i am not extradited those people. Afterwards when the companions applied the Islamic ideology in Ethiopia with the calling the king finally joined. This story confirm the relationship of the prophet with Insa Ibn Mariam  In the saint’s stories what the people ignore is that the prophet  (saw) had consulted Insa who had told him about the character of the king despite the prophet Muhammad (saw ) had the power to allow him to know it.

But because of his wisdom, his veracity and his respect to the prophet Insa he had preferred to consult him rather than shake the Christianity that people have in Ethiopia. The companions stayed in Ethiopia until Islam is established there.

Yet it is the relationship that will continue until the end of times. Because of his return, the prophet Insa will have a relationship with Al Mahdi to support him in his mission. Al Mahdi is a disciple of the prophet Mohammed (saw) and if Insa return to support him it is because he wants to demonstrate that there is no difference between the religion of Islam and Christianity, if the gospel had not been falsified its content would have been identical to the Quran.

Revealed Religions and the Continuity of Divine Authority

Different ideologies have appeared because of the falsification of those previous revelations. That is the reason why Seydi Cheikh Tidiane Sy al Maktoûm, the great pedagogue stated that there was no place for an inter-confessional dialogue. Because a dialogue supposes the existence of problems whereas there is no problem between the Muslim and the Christian. In fact, if each of them followed the teaching deriving from his Holy Book, as it had been revealed, there would not be any difference. In other terms, every revealed Book takes over the others that preceded it from the Tora of Moises(as), the Zabour given to Prophet David (as), to the Gospel of Jesus (as) until the Holy Coran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

This existing relation between them clearly appears when some of Prophet Muhammad companions’, persecuted and brutalized in Mecca left to settle in Ethiopia. In addition, the Holy story revealed that, it was after having consult Jesus (as) that Prophet Muhammad took the decision to send some of the companions over there so that the Islamic religion could spread and thrive in Africa.

Thus, when we question the supreme reality namely the Haqiqa about this landmark event known as hegira, we taught that Allah (saw) wanted to make the Prophet know about the fact that will come a time when the destiny of Islam will be handled by people living in Africa. However, many Muslims around the world will be denying this until the last mission of humanity starts. Then, it will be an evidence for everybody throughout the world.

Interreligious Peace and Prophet Insa’s Role in the End-of-Time Mission

Also, a wise, Cheikh Mounîrou Sarr taught that Cheikh Tidiane Sy greeted a host from mecca he told him that you have the first best olds (like the Prophet and the companions…) but we have the last best olds (the Great Poles that Senegal has known). Therefore, what is important to remember is that these companions have joined someone who did not have the same strong belief but has not sabotaged their religion. Everyone should meditate on this fact and draw the lesson that refers to the verse: «lakoum dînoukoum waliya dîn” to you your religion and to me my religion (V6 S109)» each will respect the design of the other, so we will not need moreover, what we should talk about, the Qur’an has clarified it. Now it would be necessary to apply the Qur’an literally, to understand it to interpret it and to know it if one knows it, one will be at peace with the other beliefs. Otherwise, we will be facing several problems, wars, inter-confessional tensions, etc…

The solution is to have an explicit interpretation of the Qur’an to know really how to orient ourselves. However, what hides in it as a Sacred History on this account is not considerable. However, what hides there a wisdom, as veracity as a way of being between Insa Ibn Mariam and the prophet (saw) is even more important. Because the prophet has a relationship with all prophets (as) but he has a privileged one with Insa Ibn Mariam. This is why Insa (as) intervened at the beginning of the prophet’s mission as it will be the case of the end-time mission when he comes back to support Al Mahdi.