Assalamou Aleykoum. Brothers and Sisters, 

Allah swt created according to his will, his desire, which is translated in facts by the unlimited diversification of his creation. He created beings by diversifying them so that we can distinguish several subdivisions such as species, races, families, etc. But HE also creates by diversifying individuals within the same group, of the same species, hence the phenomenon of the singularity that characterizes each individual. Despite the great diversity in his creation, nothing escapes his control. And also, all creation has already been tested in the Ghayb world or invisible before being sent to this world. 

All the messengers of Allah swt, had the same message to transmit to their kind, namely La ilaha ila Allahou. In the Qur’an, Allah swt exhorts even believers to know the hidden meaning of La ilaha ila Allahou. As it contains many secrets at once metaphysical, spiritual and mystical. He is indeed the center of creation. Everything that Allah swt created has been from La ilaha ila Allahou which he also uses to define them. 

From La ilaha ila Allahou, Allah swt created five different materials, in the form of balls of light, which he later projected in front of him. 

With the first material, Allah made water in the form of a ball of light which he placed before him. The second one, he made air, the third ball of light, the earth, the fourth one the fire, finally the fifth ball of light to represent what we call today the world Zahir or visible and the world batine or hidden. 

When Allah created these five balls he left them for millions of years in the Ghayb world or the invisible world. During that time, each of the five balls began to practice the zikr of one of the following five names of Allah: KAF, HA, YA, HAYNE and SAD. You will of course notice here that these names are not found in the 99 known names of Allah. 

Thus, the first ball made of a WATER material began to practice the zikr of the name of Allah KAF. The second ball of light with the Wind material began practicing the zikr of the name of Allah HA. The third ball of light which contained the element Earth, made the zikr of YA. The fourth, the Fire practiced in turn the zikr of the name HAYNE. Finally, the fifth ball of light that symbolizes the world Zahir (visible) and the world Batine (invisible, hidden) began to practice the zikr of the name of Allah SAD. Following the organization of this creation in the Ghayb world, Allah swt continued the creative process in the following way:  

From the bursts of light that emanate from the zikr of the name KAF by the first ball of light made of water, Allah swt created the fish and all the other animals that live in the water. 

Then Allah created from the zikr HA practiced by the ball of light that symbolizes the air, all the animals of the class of birds as well as the other beings who live in the air, that is to say those who fly or do not fly but have wings. 

Likewise with the zikr of his name YA, practiced by the third ball of light with the Earth material, Allah swt created all the beings who live in the earth such as ants, termites, as well as all the other creatures that live in the land without encountering any difficulty to move, breathe, feed, and reproduce. 

From the ball of light that symbolizes fire, and which practiced the zikr of the name HAYNE, Allah swt created all the living beings belonging to the vegetable kingdom, that is to say the trees, the herbs, as well as the algae etc. These plants are actually created from the splinters of light emanating from the zikr of the name HAYNE. 

Finally, Allah used the fifth ball of light that practiced the zikr of His name SAD, to create, from the bursts of light that emanated from this zikr, the mystical essence of the souls of men as well as the mystical essence of the souls of Jinns. 

After creating the chahada world in which we live in, Allah decentralized the ball of light representing water to place it in the chahada world and created from it oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and ponds. He then populated these aquatic environments with fish and other aquatic beings previously created from the splinters of light emitted during the zikr of the name KAF, practiced by this first ball of light. 

The second light ball that symbolized air practicing the zikr of HA is in turn transposed by Allah swt in the world Chahada, to represent the air that fills the atmosphere as well as all the spaces on earth, with within it all the gases that constitute it and that allow living beings to use it to breathe, and to move for certain such as the birds. 

Allah also placed the third light ball that symbolized the earth and practiced the zikr YA in the Chahada world. This will become the land for the beings. He installed a tribe of living creatures created from the zikr of his name YA, such as ants, earthworms, termites and the countless types of living beings living in the land. 

Allah did the same with the fourth light ball symbolizing fire and placed in the world Chahada. From the zikr of the name HAYN Allah swt created plants and associated their mystical essence with that of fire. This explains the great attraction that the plants exert on the fire when it is lit in bush or forest, or in an environment populated with plants, as it is very difficult to stop its spread, because it acts on plants like a magnet on iron filings. 

Finally, the last ball of light that was making the zikr of the name of Allah SAD from which came out the mystical essences of the souls of the men and those of Jinns, Allah used these two mystical essences to separate the world Chahada Zahir (visible) where live the men and the batine world (invisible) where the Jinns live. To show how he organized creation, Allah combined the intermediate space that practiced zikr SAD with the term Bismilahi Rahmani Rahimi. 

Thus, in Surah Maryam, Allah swt says:  

It is a reminder of the mercy of Allah swt that brings back to the origin of creation, as well as the way Allah created, according to his will. 

We have reached the end of this presentation; this text is drawn from the teachings of our honorable guide Khoutboul Aktaboul Kabir Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh. 

Assalamou aleykoum wa rahmatoulahi tala wa barakatouhou.