As the Quran is the Word of Allah (swt), It can be subjected to several interpretations by scholars. However, when there is discernment, we can easily understand to whom the Koranic speech is directed. Sometimes Allah (SWT) talks to the earthly world inhabitants, sometimes to those living in Ghayb or the Unknown Universe and sometimes His Word goes to the angels.

The Holy Koran has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw), to be a guideline for both human beings and djinns. This revelation took place in the month of Ramadan, as it is stated by Allah (swt) in the Chapter 2, Verse 185: “the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down as a guide to people and a proof of a straight path and discernment.” He added the rules to abide by or the conditions to respect during this holy month “anyone who is present in this month must fast, and anyone who is sick or traveling have to fast the same number of days afterwards.” In addition to that, in the Chapter 97, God gives some information about the Quran revelation, in these terms: “Bismilahi Rahmani Rahîmi. We have revealed it (the Quran) in the night of Fate. And what will tell you what is the night of Fate? The night of Fate is better than thousands months, angels and Rouhou come down by Allah permission on every order. It is Peace!  Until the rise of dawn.

In this Surah, we notice that there are two levels of understanding. The first comes from an official dimension that focuses on the strict sense meaning of the event; whereas, the second one is an unofficial dimension with a hidden meaning, the esoteric sense. Allah (swt), in the second verse of the Surah 97, asks a question that arouses attention: “And what will tell you what is the night of Fate?” He answered it not by giving a detailed explanation of what this night is, but rather by showing the graces and benefits of this night. “The night of Fate is better than thousands months, it is Peace until the rise of dawn.” Adding there a description of the sequence of events of the night with the arrival of angels led by Rouhou. Some exegetes liken Rouhou to Djibril, but we would like to point out that these two angels are different. We will meet the angel Rouhou the day of the last judgment sitting cross-legged in the heart of the event with inside his legs all the creatures. The reality of the angel Rouhou is different from that of the angel Djibril.

The reality of the night of Fate or Laylatul Qadri

First, we must know that there are three nights approved by Allah (swt) which are the night of Fate or Al Qadr, the night of mid-shabane or Nisfu Châbbâne or mid-shabane, and the night of the 10th day of Muharram where men of God gather at the “Diwânul Hirâ” to decide what will happen during the year.

Before the coming of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on earth, He had had a conversation with Allah (swt) who let him know of His intention to create the earthly world and informed him of all the organization He wanted to carry out. Allah (swt) made the Prophet listen Words that would constitute, billions of years later, the Qur’an. The Almighty began by the following Verses: Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim (1), Alîf Lâm Mîm (2), this is the Book about which there is no doubt, and which is a guide for the pious. Sûrat 2 (Al Baqara) Verse 1. The Prophet listened to His lord up to the last Verse of Sûrat An-nâçi (114). That is the reason why, in the Holy Qur’an Sûrats are arranged in the way starting from Sûrat Baqara to Sûrat An-Nâçi. Although during revelation neither chapters nor verses have been revealed to the Prophet following the aforesaid arrangement.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) made sure, through his mastering of the Bâtine or Hidden Realities that the arrangement of Sûrats be in conformity with that established billions of years earlier by Allah (swt). Then, The Almighty let His messenger decide the way he wanted verses and Sûrat or chapters to come to him once on earth. Such an organization is destined to help people have a coherent, logical and understandable process of the Qur’an’s revelation. Then, Allah (swt) specified that verses would be revealed to the Prophet according to specific events, which would be nothing but pretexts to help in the understanding of his contemporaries. A scenario had then been decided. Seydi Ahmad called Djibril (as) and informed him about his function of God’s spokesperson and about the mission he had to fulfill.

This consisted in the angel Djibril (as) finding the Messenger of Islam at Mont Hira or Hira Hill and asking him to read. After that, the Prophet asked the angel the Verse that would be the first to be revealed during the revelation cycle.

At that moment, the Great Helper Pole who is, moreover, the Khatmiya of the Prophet (meaning the intermediary between Seydi Ahmad and the others) decided to join in the discussion saying that even if Djibril was Allah’s (swt) spokesperson, it was not to him to choose the verse that would be revealed the first. After that, the Great Helper Pole asked to recite all Sûrats or chapters already said by The Almighty, from the Chapter Al-Baqara to An-Nâçi and then proposed to begin revelation with the first verse of Sûrat Al ‘Alaq: “Read in the Name of your Lord who created(1). He Who created human being from a clot of blood (2). Read, your Lord is the Noblest (3), He taught by pen (4). He taught human being what he did not know (5).

The Great Savior Pole requested the surah to be written on him. He morphed into a green silk fabric on which he asked the Creator to inscribe that first surah to be revealed on Earth. Once the surah was written on that hijab of light, represented by that cloth, the latter turned into a ball of light that rotated. And then the four Poles, who always accompany the Great Pole, arrived. As a quick reminder, these four Poles are like the four best Companions of the Prophet (saw). They, thus, surrounded the ball and escorted it as it moved through the divine light. The ball kept on rolling while saying the following zikr: “Bi Izni Lahutul Bast, Bi Izni Nurul Satiri”. The Poles Saviors chanted in chorus the zikr that allies the name of the prophet as Muhammadul Habibi and that of the Great Savior Pole. Such an event continued until Allah (swt) approved of the organization of all that protocol preceding the coming of the Qur’an, and He confirmed that all these would happen when the Qur’an was to descend in the visible world or Chahâda. Allah (swt) named that night, along with everything that occurred in it, Al Qadr.

The word Al Qadr stems from haqiqa or true reality. There is a cause-and-effect relationship between what really happened during this night in Ghayb Universe and the benefits to the people of the chahâda. Indeed, the blessings that come out of this night of light in the world of realities will be poured out on the people of the chahâda world who will indulge in prayer during this blessed night.

Descent of the Holy Quran in the Chahada World

The prophet Muhammad (saw) used to go to Hira mount for meditation or recovering. One day, while he was lying inside the cave, it happened a very important event that would become a landmark for the history of Islam. It was that day that Allah (swt) chose to bring down the holy Quran. The aforesaid ball of light, which turned in the divine lights and escorted by the four Savior Poles began to descend on earth.

They were with the angel Djibril (as) who was standing behind them. When they reached the top of Hira mount, they asked Djibril to go alone to burst the ball of light. They could not go beyond this limit because it was not their time yet to appear on earth. So, the angel Djibril (as) burst the ball of light and spread the fabric on which was written the first verse of the holy Quran which is Al ‘Alaq.

The interpretation of the surah AL QADR

Inâ anzalnâhu fi laylatil Qadri:

Indeed, We sent the Quran down during the night of Fate.

The “We” represents Allah (swt) as well as everyone that were present when the ceremony took place earlier. That was the prophet (saw), the Great Savior Pole, the four Savior Poles and the angel Djibril.

Wa mâ adrâka mâ Laylatul Qadri:

And what can make you know what the Night of Fate?

That was at that Night that Allah (swt) summoned Prophet Muhammad (saw) whereas the Chahâda world did not exist yet. It was also during that Night that the Great Savior Pole morphed into a fabric of light, then to a ball in front of the four Savior Pole and the angel Djibril.

Laylatul Qadri khayrun mine Alfi Chahrine:

The night of Fate is better than thousand months (of adoration).

Why 1000 months? Because 1000 months separated the night of AL QADR where the extraordinary ceremony happened and the birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Chahâda world. Then, all the benefits of this night will come to the inhabitants of the Chahâda world who will devote themselves to prayers.


During that night angels come from the sky as well as the angel Rûhu by their Lord’s permission for all orders:

 Rûhu is the biggest angel. That angel lives in a cave located in heaven. He does not get out except for two major events. The first one is the Night of Fate and the second one will be the day of the last judgment. During the night of Fate, he is accompanied with 124,000 (One hundred and twenty four thousand) angels that have human looking men dressed of white “jellabas”. Among them, there is Djibril who is the only one that holds on a white light flag on which is written Lâ ilâha illa lâh Muhammadu Rassûlu Lâhi. Rûhu leads the delegation and they all go to the Prophet’s tomb in Medine. After arriving at the place, Rouhou takes the white flag from Djibril (as) and plants it in front of the tomb. They will begin to recite the ninety-nine Divine Names and even the Holy Names not included in the “Asmâ’u Lâhil Husnâ such As-Sattâru or Al-Amyâlu, until in the early hours. The Name “Yâ Amyâlu” is the Divine name, which is used by birds in zikr in order to be able to fly. It is also the Name used by the mint leave for its zikr. As for the other animals, they use the Name Al Madjidou.

When the time comes up to end the session of zikr during the Night of Al Qadr, Rûhu and Djibril are the only angels to recite loudly 1.000 times the Supreme Salâtu alâ Nabi and 65 times the Salât on the Prophet regarded as heaven’s jewel while the other angels listen quietly the recitation. These two Salât Alâ Nabi are considered as the best ones in Ghayb Universe. Before returning to the heavens, Rûhu takes back the flag and give it to Djibrîl (as). Then, they all return to where they came from. All the benefits stemming from their zikr will remain on earth.


It (Al Qadr) is peace until the rise of dawn.

Rûhu, Djibril and their procession end up their prayers at 4 a.m. and only those who spend this Holy Night praying or performing zikr will benefit from them.

Allah (swt) has hidden many secrets within this Sacred and particular Night. We will share with you two of them. Between 12h 02 and 12h 05 midnight, the sea water becomes sweet. In addition to that, cats for instance, fast two hours the day of Al Qadr. They start from 7 a.m. up to 8 a.m. then they break their fasting. After that, they start again from 11a.m. to twelve o’clock.