The Noubouwa or Prophecy held by Yusuf was particular. We will remind you of the different kinds of Prophecies that exist and their origins.On the one side, there is the Noubouwatoul Ah’zam or the Ah’zam Prophecy held by the Prophet Mouhamad ( p.b.u.h) that gave birth to the Noubouwatoul Ah’zar or the Ah’zar Prophecy that is the ownership of the Great Helper Pole who is the intermediary between the Prophet Mouhamad ( p.b.u.h) and the other Prophets ( p.b.u.t)On the other side, there are the other kind of prophecies such as Noubouwatoul Barzakh, Noubouwatoul Talsam, Noubouwatoul Ouznâ, in a next video we will talk about these prophecies in details.Thus, each of the 313 Messengers had his own prophecy or Noubouwa. And the Noubouwa of Prophet Yusuf was stored in the same place where was the sky called Al Haqâ’iqil mounzil. Al Haqâ’iqil mounzilIt is the sky from which the sun and the moon have been cut out. In addition to that, paradise light comes from it. That is the reason why in paradise there is no lamp even if the environment is characterized by an intense lightening. After having cut out the sun and the moon, God The Almighty roll up that sky like a mat and then kept it somewhere. It is in that place that some Prophets’ Prophecy was kept including Yusuf (as).Therefore, before integrating Yusuf’s soul, his Noubouwa or Prophecy was located at al Haqâ’iqil mounzil. This situation is in the origin of the dream that Yusuf had and narrated it to his father. However, the interpretation given by his father is related to Chahaada the world in which we are. Through this dream, God the Almighty reminded the Prophet Yusuf of the realty of the light of his own Prophecy, that was in cohabitation with his Prophecy with the sky known as Al Haqâ’iqil mounzil.In fact, since the moon and the sun derived from that sky, the fact of seeing them in dream prostrating to him, reminded Yusuf the narrow link existing between him and those two stars. Regarding the 11 stars, they refer with the eleven reflects of al Haqâ’iqil mounzil, even if it correspond the same number of Yusuf’s brothers.Note that al Haqâ’iqil mounzil has never overhung the earth on with we are living, only derivations of its light namely the sun and the moon are visible on earth through the light that comes from them.Thus, the prophet Yusuf was the first human being that Allah (s.w.t) brought on earth with the reflect of the light of this sky that illuminates paradise. In fact, God the Almighty had decided to bring on earth a piece of light of al Haqâ’iqil mounzil through an organic transfer. That was the reason of the choice put on Yusuf soul to accomplish this divine will. That is the source or the secret of Prophet Yusuf legendary beauty.