Assalamou aleykoum Wa rahmatoulahi talaa wa barakaatouhou

We are sending our ziar to the prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h).We reiterate our condition of disciple and our tarbiya to Mawlâya Sheikh Ahmed tidiane Cherif (rta).We are going back again to discuss about the four stages of the soul’s birth of Imam Mahdi. For a remind we had already explained in our edition preceded that the soul of imam Mahdi will be  born first in Jerusalem the second one in mecca,  the third one in the Maghreb particularly in Morocco and finally in west Africa. All these births of imam Mahdi bring us important dimensions of mystic.

In fact, the soul of imam Mahdi have to create a mystical connection with the prophet Insa ibn Mariam. And to establish this mystical connection, the soul of imam Mahdi must be born in Jerusalem therefore to meet the soul of Insa ibn Mariam. The reason of this mystical organization is that the Imam Mahdi must live in the future with prophet Insa (as) in his earthly existence when he will return to achieve his mission. It is the preparation of this future meeting as a human between two souls. The objective is to seal their agreement that they will work together in the future when the prophet insa ibn Myriam will return on earth. We must say that the meeting between the souls remains an important part of the mission.  . The two men will in fact live together during 7 years before the death of imam Mahdi on the 7th year Insa Ibn Myriam will continue his mission 2 years later . We are mentioning that the two men will work together with the same objective and achieve the last mission at the end of the world. The death of Insa Ibn Myriam will mark the beginning of the apocalypse. We have to understand that concerning  the birth in the form of a soul it’s a usual practice that Allah sends  a soul alike on earth that keeps  it invisible in the sight of men and visible by the soul that’s going to meet him. When the two souls are met, they establish their mystical connection afterwards the soul that comes from Ghaïb will return.

The soul of Imam Mahdi will be in the second times in mecca to create a mystical connection  with the prophet (p.b.u.h). However, this connection between the soul of the Mahdi and the prophet is going to happen in Medina , the soul of imam Mahdi have to make a trip from mecca to Medina to meet the soul of the prophet (p.b.u.h). The mystical connection between both souls correspond also to a very strong parenting relationship. The prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h)  is in fact the spiritual father of imam Mahdi. There is another essential element that belongs to Imam Al Mahdi and is well guarded in Mecca: Hajaratou Aswat. The latter is a divine symbol that has a 19-billion-year existence, in years of the Ghayb world, of which 12 billion years of existence in the Ghayb world and 7 billion years in the world here below. The essence of the soul of Imam Al Mahdi has been kept in Hajaratul Aswat for 700 million years and continues to stay there pursuing its zikr of Salatou Fatiha. The essence of a soul is the part that allows the soul to live and function. If the essence of a soul is removed from it, this soul will remain inert and can no longer function.

 In the case of Imam Al Mahdi, Allah gave him the spiritual power to live and function while the essence of his soul remains in Hajaratul Aswat. And that, since now 700 million years. In the Ghayb World, the saints (waliyou) of the class of Mafatiwoul Kounous who calculate the ages do not calculate that of Hajaratul Aswat, since it is a secret, which, at the end of the world here below, will be transferred to the Ghayb world, to continue its existence. In addition, it is thanks to the perpetuation of its existence, that it remains appropriate to preserve the essence of the soul of the Imam Al Mahdi. When Imam Al Mahdi goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca and when he goes to Hajaratul Aswat, then the essence of his soul will join him to integrate his soul. Moreover, the holy man Mouhamadou Khali (rta) met the essence of the soul of Imam Al Mahdi in Mecca, Hajaratul  Aswat, on the occasion of a mission that Mawlaya Sheikh  Ahmad At Tijani Chérif (rta )entrusted to him. There he also met Sheikh El Hadj Omar Tall (rta).

 It is clear that between Mecca and Medina, two mystical phenomena have occurred. The first corresponds to the birth of Imam Al Mahdi in Mecca and the second to the journey of his soul from Mecca to Medina, in order to establish the mystical link with the soul of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh). It should also be noted that Imam Al Mahdi will begin to publicly reveal his mission at the age of 33, corresponding to the age of the prophet Insa Ibn Mariam (as), when his mission was interrupted and he joined the Ghayb world. However, his mission as such will begin at the age of 40. After Mecca, the soul of Imam Al Mahdi had a third birth in Morocco, precisely in Fez, to meet and establish a mystical link with the soul of Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Chérif (rta). The latter being the Khatmiya and Katmiya of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh), he is respectively the access point to the prophet for all beings, including the Awliyah, and he is the intermediary between the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the other prophets. As a result, it was therefore obligatory for Imam Al Mahdi to pass through him to gain access to the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh).

 It is only on this condition that the prophet Mohamed (pbuh), agrees to validate his spiritual fatherhood on Imam Al Mahdi. His soul was born in Morocco in Fez to establish a mystical connection with the soul of Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Chérif (rta). The establishment of this connection was at most necessary to access the Prophet (saw), it must invariably go through his Khatmiya, and that is to say the one by which all beings must pass to receive or send divine light to the Prophet (pbuh). Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif (rta) indeed holds the secret of Khutbatul Uzna, represented by the rank of Khatmiya, as well as the secret of Khutbaniyatul Kanzam symbolized by the rank of Katmiya. Thanks to his rank of Khutbatul Uzna, Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif (rta) is the one who provides to all the saints, the light that makes them Awliyahs. On the other hand, his rank of Khutbaniyatul Kanzam makes him the exclusive intermediary between the Prophet Mohamed (saw) and the other Prophets.

Imam Al Mahdi is part of the Awliya circle because he is not a prophet. Therefore, it is through the Khatmiya of the Prophet, in this case Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif rta, that Imam Al Mahdi can acquire the prophetic lights, have the status of a true Cherif, as well as the power necessary to carry out his mission. Following this mystical connection to Fez, Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At tijani Cherif (rta) has made Imam Al Mahdi his universal Calif who will convey throughout the world the teachings of theTidjaniya brotherhood, the confirmer of his supremacy over the saints through his function of Khatmiya, as well as the fact that Imam Al Mahdi will be responsible for the end-time Islamic universal mission. In addition, Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif rta has affixed the seal symbolizing his paternity on him, as well as the quality of authentic Sherif of Imam Al Mahdi, obtained from the spiritual fatherhood that the Prophet has on him, more at the birth of his soul in Mecca.

Finally, the last birth of Imam Al Mahdi in human form took place in a country of West Africa. This means that Imam Al Mahdi is an African black. However, some are led to ask the question, why Imam Al Mahdi is an African black? To answer this question, we recall that Allah swt announced that he would choose the most persecuted peoples in the history of mankind to make them the heirs of the earth. In other words, these peoples will inherit the governance of the world and its wealth, in return for the injustices and the damage they have suffered. To do this, Allah swt has chosen these peoples to give birth to Imam Al Mahdi, who will lead the world and repair the injustices and damage done to these most oppressed people in the history of humanity.

In this regard, the observation made by the scholars of Islam is that the black peoples of Africa have indeed been the most oppressed in the history of humanity. However, some have been led to believe that Imam Al Mahdi could be born in Palestine because of the oppression of this people today, because of the state of Israel and its allies. In spite of this reality of the current Palestinian people, it is necessary to know that the oppression of the blacks crossed the ages, since going back to the time of the prophet Mohamed (p.b.u.h), one notes that Bilal, who was the first muezzin of the Islam was a black slave in Mecca. He had been bought by Seydina Ababacar (as), and thereafter released from his slave status and became a companion of the Prophet Mohamed (p.b.u.h). Long before his birth, the slavery of blacks was a common practice, to the point that the word slave was similar to African blacks. The most recent history of black slavery is the slave trade that has lasted for centuries and has led to the departure of several million black Africans, captured and deported from the continent. Therefore, the most oppressed people are undeniably the blacks of Africa. In doing so, they were chosen by Allah swt, to inherit power on earth and its governance. Thus Allah, for the sake of restoring justice, brought Imam Al Mahdi into a West African country, among the peoples whom the Prophet (pbuh) designated as the black standard hint at the color of their skin.

After the four episodes of Imam Al Mahdi’s birth, the following stages of his activity correspond to the visits to his various places of birth, which he must perform before the beginning of his mission. He will go to Fez in Morocco, where he had made the mystical connection of his soul with the soul of Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif rta. Why this return to his birth places? First, if we return to the world of  Ghaïb, precisely to the place where the Aqtâbs met the Prophet (p.b.u.h), whom the aristocrats of heaven called the Senate, the last deliberation which took place there before it was closed, concerned the universal mission of the Imam  Al Mahdi. As a reminder, the deliberations of this Senate are submitted to meetings of Khadaratoul Ilâhiya which are held every night from Thursday to Friday in the sixth heaven. Also, the closure of this Senate is explained by the fact that Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif rta as well as the Aqtâbs, who went there to hold meetings with the prophet (p.b.u.h), including Imam Al Mahdi, are all come to earth. Since Imam al-Mahdi, the holder of the universal mission came to earth as a human being, then the mission also came down with him to earth and from then on, it remains only to implement it, with the support of the prophet Insa Ibn Mariam (as).

Secondly, the majority of Islamic scholars states that Allah swt announced the Imam Al Mahdi in the Qu’ran. Since God has talked about every subject in the Holy Qu’ran, one could deduce from that a so important figure couldn’t be omitted. Other Islamic scholars claimed that the Prophet Muhammad evoked the coming of  Imam Al Mahdi in Hadiths. Along those lines, the reality retained by the Ghayb world concerns two verses: Al-Fath and An Nasr. In the first Surah Al Fath, Allah talks exclusively about the Imam Al Mahdi. On the door of Senate, verses from the Surah Al Fath are inscribed: Bismilahi Ar Rahmani Ar Rahimi Inna fatahna laka fathan mubinan Liyaghfira laka Allahu ma taqaddama min dzanbika wama takhkha Wa yutmimma ni AAalaika wa yahdiyaka siratan mutaqiman Wa yanshuraka Allahu nashran AAazizan. Here, Allah explains the figure of Imam Al Mahdi who will begin talking about his universal mission at the age 33. This does not mean that Imam Al Mahdi commits sins, but it is about a guaranty. When Allah sends missionary, He grants guaranty.

Allah adds that he would be a powerful rescue. It means that Imam Al Mahdi will not possess a sophisticated technology, nor the latest weapons like those that his enemies have. But Allah gives him the secret of Kun Fayakun (be and it is) which will allow to annihilate any sophisticated weaponry, or any advanced technology of his enemies (nuclear weapon).

The second surah An Nasr is addressed to the Imam Al Mahdi as following: Isaja An Nasrulahi Wal Fathu Wara-aita an nasa yadkhuluna fi din-Lillah afwajan fa-sabbi bi-hamdi-rabika wastagfirhu Innahu kana tawwaba.

Here Allah (swt) announces that when his help comes down as well as his triumph, which literally means the arrival of the Imam Al Mahdi and the secret of Kun Fayakun. Now, people will enter Islam in groups. That is, the unbelievers, the skeptics, and all kinds of persons will convert to Islam. Allah speaks then to the Imam Al  Mahdi commanding him to pursue the zikr he has been practicing. Allah further tells him that all his disciples are forgiven of their sins, because anyone who is  with him, who repents and asks for mercifulness, will be forgiven right away. That is why under his reign it is only by being his disciple  that one can benefit from Allah’s grace. The Imam Al Mahdi is the rightly guided, that is why he is the imam who is the only guide for all Muslims. So, the verse Isaja An Nasrul lahi wal fathu means that all Muslims will have the salvation from the Imam Al Mahdi and the victory (the secret of kun fayakun). Then “wara Aita an nasa yadkhuluna fi din-Illahi afwajan, people will enter Islam in groups. Finally, “fas=sabbi bi-hamdi rabika wa-staghfir-hu Innahu kanna tawwaba”. The Imam Al Mahdi would do his zikr and Allah swt enjoins him to pursue his zikr.

On the other hand, the prophet taught the mission of Imam Al Mahdi as being a kalifa regime. It will be the return of kalifa in the goverrnance of the Islamic world. Nowadays, we can see movements using the term Islamic State to name their organization. This is due to the fact that the advent of Imam Al Mahdi will give birth to an Islamic State, that is to say that rules with the values and principles of Islam. This Islamic State will operate with the return of kalifa, based on the sunnah. Imam Al Mahdi will appoint Kalifs who will govern the territories under their authority. However, the Kalif to be set up by Imam Al Mahdi will rise from the sunnah  and the Kalifs may be 25 years old, 40 years old adults and 99 years old. Their choice by Imam Al Mahdi will be based on their ability to manage their Kalif function, but neither by family relationship with Imam Al Mahdi nor because they are the oldest as that is the case in some Islamic brotherhoods.

Besides, it is easy to notice that at the time of the Kalifa set up by the prophet Seydina Mouhamed (pbuh), the different kalifs who succeeded one another at the head of the muslim State had no consanguineous ties. This is the case of Seydina Aboubacar, Seydina Ousmane, Seydina Oumar and Seydina Alioune etc…

Moreover, this customary principle of access to Kalifa based on the family is the main cause of the current division of Shia and Sunni Muslims. Imam Al Mahdi’s mission will gradually take place around the world. When he starts to set up his device, no one can oppose it and his followers will gradually increase. Imam Al Mahdi will not need to travel throughout the world in order to set up his staff. Allah (swt) has given him a secret that will allow him to increase his disciples around the world without moving. People will realize the extent of his global network when he will be 40 years old and that will be the beginning of the mission. The surprise will be great because people will wonder how he has done to build this impressive worldwide network of adept without moving. This whole process will be part of the organization and will of Allah (swt). The return of Imam Al Mahdi to Fez in Morocco aims to recover the symbol that confirms what Allah (swt) told him in surah Al Fath, where he promised him the dazzling victory.

This verse is inscribed on the door of the Senate. This trip is also intended to confirm with his spiritual father Mawlaya Sheikhou Tidjani Cherif (pbuh), as indicated above, his paternity on him as well as his status of true Cherif because  he is the spiritual son of the prophet of Islam as Allah (swt) told in the holy qur’an.

These different aspects relate to his dazzling victory and reflect the haqiqa contained in this verse Al Fath. The purpose of his return to Mecca is to recover the essence of his soul that has been kept in Ajaratoul Aswat for 700 million years. Many saints have already met Imam Al Mahdi’s soul in Mecca. We can mention among these, imam Al Ghazali, Cheikh Abdul Khadre Jaylani, Imamul Jouneyni, Mouhamadoul Khali and El Hadj Omar Foutiyou Tall, as well as other Awliyahs who have dreamed of the essence of Imam Al Mahdi’s soul, without having their names inscribed in the Ghayb world’s records, saying that they met him in a dream.

Once Imam Al-Mahdi recovers the essence of his soul, it will now be impossible for him to remain 4 years without the beginning of his mission. As soon as the essence of the soul  integrate Imam al Mahdi’s soul, three years won’t pass without being known by the whole world. When Imam Al Mahdi will be in front of Ajaratoul Aswat, his soul and mystical essence will act together as two attracting magnets. Once the integration of his essence into his soul will be effective, it will give him an immeasurable strength and power. In Jerusalem, the passage of Imam Al Mahdi to Mahjidil Aqsa will renew the mystical encounter between his soul and the Prophet Insa Ibn Mariam’s (as) soul. What we need to say here is that Imam Al Mahdi knows all the hidden secrets of Mahjidil Aqsa. Because of the secrets that are hidden there, Mahjidil Aqsa is a very difficult place to control. In fact, it is easy to see today all the difficulties related to the control of this place. Neither Israel nor the other countries involved in the conflict, or anyone else, can control these places. In reality, only two characters, Imam Al Mahdi and Prophet Insa Ibn Mariam (as), can control Mahjidil Aqsa and restore peace and stability. It is also important to know that Masih Dajal is the only one who can disrupt this stability for a few months. However, upon his arrival, Insa Ibn Mariam (as) will kill Masih Dajal so order and stability will come back. That is why Imam Al Mahdi’s return to Jerusalem refers to the restoration of order. Since his arrival in this place, he will make all protagonists know that only Masih Dajal will be the one who will be able to disturb the established order for a short period of few months.

Imam Al Mahdi is a character steeped in holy history and who despite his life on earth, has half of his being left in the Ghayb world. His work will partly concern the Ghayb world and the Chahada world. His work for the Ghayb world concerns the Quran. Indeed, he will have the necessary knowledge to dissect and clarify all the codes hidden in the Quran. The Prophet Mohamed ( Pbuh) came but left this task to Imam Al Mahdi because it is himself who assigned him this work. Also Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad At Tijani Cherif rta came without dealing with this subject, because like the Prophet Mohamed Pbuh, he knew that this task is vested in Imam Al Mahdi Al Mountazar. Among these hidden codes of the Quran we can cite the cases of the secrets that include the terms Alif / Lam / Mim, Alif / Lam / Mim / Sad, Ha / Mim, Ta / Ha. Imam Al Mahdi is the only one able to dissect the codes hidden in these letters and the Quran in general.

 Also Imam Al Mahdi has a level of scientific knowledge that no other person of his time has reached. Because the mystical organization of his training places is such that they are not accessible to anyone. This is why the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, there will be Islamic scholars who will master the sharia, they will be fervent Muslims who love Allah swt and follow my teachings, but who will contradict and fight Imam Al Mahdi. This is because they will not understand the scientific notions and knowledge that Imam Al Mahdi will teach. Yet these scholars will be among the Muslims waiting for his arrival. To understand and accept the teachings of Imam Al Mahdi, one must be an enlightened person.  It will not be a question of possessing Islamic book knowledge to be able to access the knowledge that Imam Al Mahdi teaches. Indeed, before he is 40, only the people of light will understand and follow his teachings. When he turns 40, both people of light and people without light will follow him, because his mission will have begun at this age.

At his advent, his organization and his approach will have no answer on earth. For the prophet said about Aline Abu Talib, that if he (the Prophet) was an ocean of knowledge, Aline Abu Talib represented the shore of this ocean, so if he (the Prophet) is a house of knowledge, Aline represents the room of this house, finally if the prophet is a room of knowledge, then Aline is a corner of this room. Therefore, the Prophet praised Aline Abu Talib. When one asked to Aline, who will fight Imam Al Mahdi? Aline replied that it is Muslims like him who will fight Al Mahdi. Non-believers will not contradict him because they will be overwhelmed by the level of knowledge of Imam Al Mahdi. Muslim scholars who think they have a lot of knowledge will be the ones who will oppose him. The latters will eventually succumb to Imam Al Mahdi, according to the predictions of Aline Abu Talib. Since, the latters add  that the Imam Al Mahdi has a power that allows him, to defeat 10 scientists who will oppose him by raising his cane. When one asked Aline the following question: if Imam Al Mahdi comes, will he kill all the Islamic scholars who oppose him? Because of what Aliou Abu Talib has predicted, saying that when Imam Al Mahdi raises his cane, he will bring down the heads of 10 scholars who will oppose him, many Muslims think he will kill scholars Muslims on his arrival. But it will not be a question of killing them physically, but rather of neutralizing their knowledge through new knowledge that they will pronounce and which will eliminate the knowledge of these scientists, to the point that no one will listen to them anymore. Although astonishing, these realities of Imam Al Mahdi are firmly rooted in sacred history.

All these realities are gathered by Allah in imam mahdi. In another register, the prophet had predicted that the light of Imam Al Mahdi will increase as he goes along in his mission, in  such a way that it will come a time when nobody will be able to look at his face because his light will be so intense that nobody  will be able to  stand it. Allah entrusted to imam al mahdi secrets which will allow him to fulfil his mission. He has exhaustive knowledge in past, present and  future of humanity. Those realities relating to Imam Al Mahdi are a major sign of end of time  as the return of Prophet  Insa Ibn Mariam. The islamic erudites who are endowed of light will be aware of his arrival as soon as his birth. That is why they today know that Imam Mahdi was already born and his age is over the thirty.However what they do not know is where he was born and where is. And those erudites endowed of light will    wonder what Imam Al Mahdi are waiting for expression and demonstratation. All the erudites agree that Imam Mahdi will be born around the year one thousand and four hundred of Hegira corresponding to around  one thousand and eighty of Gregorian  year. So, according to those erudites, the birth of Imam Al Mahdi would be between 1980 and 1985. The Prophet (psl) had predicted astronomical phenomenons when Imam Al Mahdi will   appear. It is about solar and lunar eclipses which will respectively happen at the first day of Ramadan for the solar eclipse and that of lunar  at the fifteenth day  of Ramadan or vice versa.

According to the modern scientists, solar and lunar eclipses can not be happened in a same month. However, according to the Prophet, those facts will deny the modern science.  The role of Imam Al Mahdi is not to confirm modern science but he denies their allegations. Before his arrival, the scientists had much power that Imam Mahdi would reappraise thanks to the truths he will reveal on the subjects they treated of differently. For exemple, they declared to have traveled   to the moon and  everybody trusted them  naively. With the denial statements that Imam Mahdi brings about that kind of topic, all the modern scientists will finally align themselves with his teachings. And about the two eclipses,  that occured  in 1981 and in 1982,the muslims erudites  deduced that he  was  born  either in 1983 or in 1984  or either in 1982  or in 1985. It is thank to that calculation they state that Imam Mahdi was already born and is thirty.

Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijani Cherif, had already predicted that Imam Al Mahdi will be his disciple.And when some wanted to make him wrong, Mawlaya Sheikh answered them that Imamoul Mahdi himself will say that he is my disciple. This is reflected in the works produced by the scholars of the brotherhood Tijaniya. In addition, Sheikh El Hadji Malick Sy(Rta)borns in Senegal, writes in his works,Imamoul Mahdi will be a member of the Tijaniya brotherhood. Therefore, whoever believes in another Imam Al Mahdi who is not from the Tijaniya brotherhood, it means that he lost his brotherhood of Tijaniya and understood his founder and his Khalifes who are pronounced on the subject. On the other hand, Sheikh El Hadji Ibrahima Niâss(Rta)confirmed that Imamoul Mahdi will be a follower of the Tidianiya brotherhood. Moreover, when the Islamic scholars of Nigeria, from Kanu State, asked him if he was himself Imam Al Mahdi, he did not comfirmed but said that this one will be member of the brotherhood Tidianiya who is his. In summary the disciple Tijane must suffice to the statements of the head of the brotherhood and its Califes, about Imam Al Mahdi.On another hand, we note that it remains dangerous to announce or to believe that we are Imam Mahdi without being. Because this one will have  powerful  enemies who have resources such as drones, stealth bombers, little known secret weapons, special forces capable of kidnapping and killing, they will not hesitate to use to reduce to nothing anyone that they will consider to be the true Imam Al Mahdi. Because they do not want him to come to earth to take away their domination over the world and to eliminate their current power that allows them to lead the world as they see. This is a situation which recalls the historical facts between the Prophet Moses (as) and Pharaoh, who did everything to prevent the birth and advent of the Prophet Moses (as) in Egypt, since he considered it as a great threat to his power and domination of the world of his time. However, Pharaoh failed miserably since the Prophet Moses (AS) appeared in spite of himself, and led his mission, which, moreover, was a total disaster for Pharaoh and his empire. This, because no one can oppose the will of Allah swt and this, whatever his power and strength, because the one who holds the real power and strength is Allah swt and not any other creature. Also, Imam Al Mahdi is endowed by Allah with secrets that allow him to neutralize any armament, any threat, of whatever order they may be. It is for this reason that the philosopher and Islamic scholar Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sy Al Maktoûm, said that the great scholars of the brotherhood Tijanya, can block a planet, much more a whole country, thanks to their secrets. Also, you should know that the mission of Imam Al Mahdi includes secret codes that can only be clearly explained and taught by himself, who has the explicit knowledge.

Here is a summary of some of the clarifications that we wanted to make today about the mission of Imam Al Mahdi Al Mountazar, thanking you for your kind attention.

Assalamualeykum wa rahmatulah tahalah wo barakatuhu.