When he appears, meaning when the world discovers him as the Al Mahdi (Amirul Muminina), he will be 40 years old, like the age Prophet Muhammad had when began his mission. At 45 years old, he will dominate most of the Muslim world, except a few. Throughout his mission, he will confirm the position of Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad At-Tijani (rta) as the Khatmiya and Katmiya of the prophet (saw). He will be the Imam of his time, he will recuperate all tariqas or turuq existing then in the Sufis realm to put them in the service the only tariqa he will be leading and of which supremacy he will consolidate over other Tarîqas or turuq. His name will be Muhammad. In the shahada world, his father will have the same name as Prophet Muhammad’s father, Abdalah. He will be a disciple in the Tijani tariqa. He will benefit from the same prerogatives as Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad At Tidjani when the prophet handed over him the harnesses of the tariqatul haqqi. This means that the Imam Al Mahdi will receive the wird Tijan from the hands of Mawlaya Cheikh without any intermediary. 
He will bear a scar resembling a myrtle leaf on the left side of his face, above the jaws, almost just next to his left eye. Like the prophet, he will have the seal of prophethood stamped on the back of his left shoulder. Is the Imam Al Mahdi a prophet? No. he is not. He could be considered as a qutb (a great pole), because the soul of the qawsu has been introduced into his qutb personality. The Imam Al Mahdi in person has received from ALLAH (swt) the light of the qawsu that is the title of Al Mahdi. Therefore, the name Imam Al Mahdi is a title meaning “the well-guided”.