Kun Fa Yakun and the Genesis of Creation

Life would be more convenient for human beings and the djinns if they were aware of the reason of their creation by Allah (SWT). Based on this, they would certainly dedicate their existence to worshiping their Lord. As stated in the Holy Qur’an: “Wa mâ khalaqtul jinna waal-insa illa liyahbudunî” Surah 51.verse 56. However, those who pray assiduously on the Prophet are more likely mysteries surrounding the world.  Allah (SWT) created the heavens and earth in six days. Surah 10, Verse 3. The 6 days correspond to the notion of “Koune fa yakoune” (be and it is).

Why such a statement?

This statement stems from the fact that one day for Allah in the reality of Nothingness (Al-Bast) or the Haqîqatul Bast accounts for thousands years in our sensitive world or chahâda. “However, one day in the sight of your lord is equivalent to 1000 years of your reckoning” surah 22 verse 47. So now, we may be given the legitimacy to wonder about the World that is meant in the 6 days that the creation lasted.  Without any doubt, it is the days of the visible world. Indeed, if we do the math, one day in chahâda represents less than a tierce in the Universe of Nothingness or Haqîqatul Bast. Then, Allah (swt) had created the heavens and earth in less than six tierces. That is to say, He used his Word “Kun fa yakune” for the creation of the universe and everything within it.

It is for this reason that the heavens and the lands are full of mysteries. To travel in the depths of the earth and in the reality of heaven, the saints or Awliyâ who have the capacity hold at least one of the two secrets that we will enumerate:

  • The first is the secret contained in the Salâtu ala Nabi considered as one of the best formulas to pray on the prophet (saw).
  • The second is a secret hidden in the name of Allah, Al-Latîf (the Benevolent).

When a saint recites the secret of Al-Latîf to undertake the journey, he is like a flash. He is such a rod of light shining and flying to the heavens or entering the earth. Those who have the vision of hidden realities can testify to it.

If, on the other hand, the saint has recited the secret of the best Salât on the prophet, he is then in the presence of a ball of light as tiny as an atom, and a layman who sees it would be incredulous in the face of the idea that a human being could be inside. This sparkling ball of light in which the saint finds himself, gradually sinks into the ground like water poured and absorbed by it. The ball of light is a protective shield for the saint inside. During his journey, he will be able to contemplate the mysteries hidden beneath the earth.

Let us go to the discovery of this place unknown by most people, in company with a Saint who whose zikr is the secret of the best Salât alâ Nabi or prayer on the Prophet.

The Hijab as a Vehicle into First and Second Earths

There are seven earths. When we start exploring the depth of the first earth, namely the one on which we are living, we discover another universe where we can perceive all kinds of conveyed precious metals such as gold, diamond and precious stones.

Once the saint arrives at the second earth, he realizes that the ceiling whose color is white, made up with sand of the same color, separates the two universes while the ground of it is made up with black mud. The distance between them would be 50.000 years for someone who does not have a “hijâb” like saints who get the secret of the Salât alâ Nabi. For them, the distance from the first to the second earth is just one minute thirty seconds.

The journey continues towards the third earth. For that purpose, the saint keeps on reciting the same secret which is the best prayer on the Prophet (saw).

The Third Earth and the Universe of Lahraf

The distance that separates the second earth from the third one is 75.000 years. However, the saint reaches the third earth in two minutes. This universe is reddish. The ceiling is black like the ground of the second earth. As far as, the third earth is concerned, it is destined to host a certain category of people. Le day of the last judgment, it will be enclosed with a hedge of light. That is place is peaceful place where the weather is neither warm nor cold. There is no decoration to embellish it, no tree or another form of vegetation. Over there, there is nothing that can give pleasure or displeasure. This universe is called Lahrâf.

The Fourth Earth as a Realm of Salatul Fatihi Zikr Session

Going from to the third to the fourth earth, one travels through a universe of red sand. The distance between the third and the fourth earth is 25 000 years. Once you arrived at the fourth earth, the color changes. The roof’s color separating the two spaces is red. However, the emerging color of this universe is olive green. In that realm, there is no spot that is uncovered by a carpet of light and where angels are seated, reciting tirelessly this marvelous Salât on the Prophet (saw). It is this very Salât that saints employ when travelling through the depths of creation. The seated angels leave some spaces between their shoulders to allow saints who go there to join in the zikr sessions during their visit.

The Fifth Earth and The Green Orchards

The journey goes on to the fifth land. The secret of the Salât on the Prophet is therefore the engine that fuels the ball of light. The space we cross in the depths of the fourth earth is covered with olive green light. Sometimes, these lights intensify and become red. This is due to the emanation of lights stemming from the recitation of the Salât on the Prophet by the angels. The emanation is powerful to such a level that it penetrates the carpets on which they are sitting and cross the depths of the earth mixing with the natural colors of the place. The light is so sparkling that it looks like oil spilled on the ground and when in touch with the sand, streams without its original color being changed. The distance between the fourth earth and the fifth earth is about 100.000 years. The depth is so calm and there is no wind. The fifth earth is among the most beautiful in this environment. Only one variety of fruit trees grows there and that is the apple trees. There is not a single space without an apple tree being growing on it. The apples of trees look like watermelons that are found in our visible world. Everything is well organized. The fields are in a straight line, trees well aligned with nice leaves, and the fruits of an exquisite flavor. The sand is so thin that we would have thought that it was dust.

The Sixth Earth, The Water In-Between and the Power of Al Madjid

When one crosses the fifth earth to reach the depths of sixth one, just two meters lower, they are in the presence of a large expanse of water. This water is neither salty nor sweet. It is blue in color and looks like sea water. The crossing continues in the water this time until reaching another level made this time of white sand that is covered with shells and make thinking about a seabed. Thanks to the 100th name of Allah (swt) called “Ismoul lâhi Ahzam”; the saints have the ability to live (eat, discuss, move) in the water without drowning. The name Al Madjîd allows them to communicate with animals that live on land or in the water. Let us remind that the distance between the fifth and the sixth land is 18000 years.

The Seventh Earth or Mysterious Places of the Underground ghayb

Once the secret of the Salât on the Prophet recited, the journey continues. The saint crosses an expense where water and sand are mixed. The water is blue. The saint is heading to the seventh earth. When he is still in the depths of the sixth earth, and all of a sudden we feel that we stumble on a duck’s wings. In the middle of these depths a duck is installed in the middle of the path with the wings deployed. No one can pass unless they hold a great spiritual power like the Great Savior Pole and few saints. When the duck decides to fold its wings to yield the passage, the crossed surface is covered with blue water. When the saint comes out of the water, he reaches a universe where he feels a light pleasant wind. We would like to specify that the distance separating the two lands is 275000 years and traveled in just 5 minutes by the saints. The sand of the seventh land is of a particular darkness. On the right, we see a place fenced by a black wall, and in front of that door; there is a strange creature. Its particularity is due to the fact that a bird would make 30 years to cover the distance that separated his head from his neck. Without a Spiritual Power, it is impossible to see this creature in its entity. This angel Malick who is the warden of hell.
From this dark place called “Diahannama”, fire and smoke are coming out of his bowels.

There is a well inside the enclosure called “Falakh”. In this well, there is a snake whose mouth is opened. When somebody is thrown into it, the snake swallows them and comes him back out at the middle of the embers and the tar. So, the damned soul comes out at a gloomy place, full of dangers. When one continues the journey to explore the depth of the seventh earth they will find one more time a strange kind of bench whose surface is slippery. On sliding down that thing, they will realize that it is a fish that carries on its back the seven earths. There is a passage in the holy Koran where God says: “Nun, by the Pen and what it writes”(verse 1, surah 68). By Nun, Allah (swt) alludes to that fish that supports the seven earths. We will come back soon on the usefulness of that fish at the end of the Last judgment.

Qaf and Nun Under the Foundation of Earth

Let us add that these seven invisible earths do not form a compact block. They are superimposed and touch one another other by one of their ends and the whole is carried by Nun the Fish.

This raises the following question:  Why this so special assembly has not collapsed. Indeed, the provision may seem wobbly. However, right the left, there is a large rock like a mountain that supports the different lands and prevents them from collapsing. This great rock is also mentioned in the Qur’an “Qaf, by the glorious Qur’an” (Surah 50 V1). Its real name is “Jabal Qaf”. Some people say that no one can know the invisible except God, quoting the verse: “Say: None of those in heaven or on earth know the unseen except Allah”. (S 27, V65). Before interpreting this verse, it is important to know that Allah (swt) has the power of opening the mysteries of the invisible world to whomever he wants. However, only the light of best prayer on the Prophet (saw) can facilitate the access to all these mysteries.

The Origin of the Inter-World of Lahraf

At the end of time, Allah (swt) will fold all the lands and use only one of them named Lahrâf with its red sand where will reside the people with an equal number of good and bad deeds. Lahrâf will be enough far from hell so that its inhabitants are not bothered by the heat and enough far from paradise not to feel the benefits.