Assalamou Aleykoum Brothers and Sisters, Today we are going to talk about the 7 heavens or should we the 7 skys.

The Seven Heavens

There are some who think that nobody knows what is hidden in Ghayb because of a wrong interpretation of the verse: LA YAKHLAMOUL GHAIB ILLA LAH”. (None knows the Ghayb except Allah S27.V65). Nevertheless, if Allah says that none knows those places and what is in it, we have to ask to whom He is talking. To those living in the visible world (Chahâda) who are not capable of having the vision that goes beyond apparent side of the world or to those who dedicated their lives to haqiqa? 

However, for those whose lives are based on haqiqa their coming on earth has been preceded by an anterior life. In fact, they was first born in the world of Ghayb and had lived there for many years. So they’re able to see what’s inside this unknown universe. This regards the saints whom Allah (swt) granted an unlimited power which is the light of Salatoul Fâtiha. This is the reason why they are exceptions allowed to discover the mysterious of heavens and earths. Therefore Allah says “O you people of djinns and human being if it be you can go beyond the limits of the heavens and earth, then do it. You would not do it unless you hold an unlimited power”. S55.V33. There are many sources of light. However, none of them is as powerful as that of Salatoul Fâtiha held by Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane who makes his disciples benefit from it following their degree of spirituality or holiness.

Therefore, whosoever undergoes a spiritual training with the light of this Salât will have the unlimited power in addition to a very high standing and stature among saints. In addition, to go and visit hidden universe and realities it requires practicing this zikr and being invited to perform a visit aimed at showing that the wonders of Allah (swt) are countless. In this case, the saint who gets the opportunity to perform such a marvelous experience will make an ordinary trip except his locomotion means will be a shield of light (Inâyatou Rabbaniyou) when visiting the heavenly universe.

As for some who ask the question to know whether the universe to be visited are the so-called planets taught by scientists, we just have to tell them that what scientists consider as planets are located in our earthly world and does not exceed the first heaven. Since they do not have the required power to go to Ghayb or beyond the first heaven. Because Allah’s Science goes beyond the down-to-earth science found on earth and it is science itself that give proofs confirming the veracity of the holy Quran revealed centuries and centuries earlier. The reality of the planets we are talking about are diametrically opposed to these and the worlds or universes that Allah (swt) created far exceed their imagination. Mawlâya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh added: “We live on the hidden side of things (Damîrul kawni) and the West has its own universal consciousness. Because, they defined it their own. However, Islam get into the hidden dimension to discover what is the true creation and the hidden realities. Therefore, the West proves according to what the universe has allowed them as access and according to their capacity.  Allah (swt) created seven heavens and seven earths that He declared official in the Qur’an. These correspond to the universes that He created for His creatures.  In Reality, He left 5 other heavens not spread. Moreover, this is to show His greatness and unlimited power.

Therefore, to reach the first sky, one would have to travel at least 2000 years. What can deceive some people is what one see when looking up which shows blue colors, or light blue … it is not the sky actually but rather the clouds that are simply above the atmosphere.

So, if a saint recites the Salâtul fâtiha namely “Allâhumma Salli ‘ala seyyidina Muhammadin. Il fātihi limâ ouhliqa wal khâtimi lima Sabaqa. An-nâssiril haqqi bil haqqi wal hadî ilâ sirâtikal mustakhîm wa’ ala ālihi haqqa qadrihi” and insert the Secret “Kun fa yakûn” that Cheikh Tidjani Cherif gave him and say “wa miqdarihil azîm”, he will suddenly see the ball of light named Inâyatu Rabbâniyu, which will envelop him before transporting him.

Arrived at the clouds, if the saint takes his hand out of the ball of light, he will be able to seize the clouds as they resemble of ice foams which when pressed with the hand, melt to allow the flow of water .The saint will have to cross them to reach the first sky. When he continues moving upwards, he will see a tan carpet of intense green color characterized by beauty. From there, the carpet appears as a ceiling that contains seven large doors. Each of them is guarded by two angels each with two wings and each carrying a spear in their hands. To open the door, they each seize a sleeve with their hand under their wing and recite in chorus the divine name “Bismi lahi-r rahmani-r rahim, hasbunna-l Lhuhu wa nihmal wakil: In the Name of Allah the All Merciful; Allah is enough for us, and what better guarantor!”

If they do not open one of these seven doors, one will not be able to enter. One will see that this carpet contains several billion ignited candles like holes that emit a sparkling five-pointed light. We often see these lights at the Earth’s level resembling to the stars. In reality, the stars are in the third sky. These stars are perceptible through holes made up in the first and second heavens for needs of decoration.

Even though, the stars seem small from far away; In reality, they are bigger and wider than our universe. The stars named Al-khunnas and Al-Jawâril Kunnas, tenfold bigger than earth. These two stars play a very prominent role. In fact, they are in charge of hovering deadly toxic gas from the explosion of some stars. We will come back on that point in our coming videos..

When, someone gets the opportunity to access the first sky, they will see hundreds of millions of angels lined. The total number of lines made up over there are 250. Those angels stand side by side, lining up and reciting together the Surah Fatihatul Kitâb “Bismillahi Rahmâni Rahîm. Alhamdoulillâhi rabbil ‘alamîne. Ar-rahmâni-r rahîm. Maliki yawmi-d dîn. Iyyâka nahbudu WA iyyâka nastahîn. Ihdina-ç çirâtal mustaqîm. Çirâta-l lezîna an‘amta ‘aleyhim ghayril maghdûbi ‘aleyhim wala-d dâllîn. ÂMÎNE’’. They keep on reciting this very chapter as it has been the case since their creation by Allah (swt).

Arrived at the first sky, when the saint decides to carry on visiting the second sky, he will cross lights with an intensity of a crescendo. It will be the case until reaching a second ceiling which looks like an orange brocade carpet. The distance between the first and the second sky is estimated to 5,335 years. However, thanks to the power of the Inâyatu Rabbâniyu made up with Salâtul Fâtiha, the saint has the capacity to reduce the distance to less than three minutes.

At the second sky, We can see the color orange, with  shining of intense lights. Angels, lined up, bow down repeating together “Soubhâna Rabiyal ‘Azim Wabi Hamdihi”. It is impossible to see where the lines begin and where they end. If it Weren’t for Mawlâya Cheikhou Tidiani, one would not know that those billions and billions of angels are lined up in 5000 lines. From there creation till now, they have been bowing down or prostrating. When the saint leaves the second sky to go to the third one, he goes through a distance estimated to 9,003 years due to the fact those skies are faraway between each other. However, with the power of the Inâyatu Rabbâniyu the time to reach the third sky is 6 minutes. When arrived at the third sky, there is something that looks like a black ceiling. This black color is so brilliant that it’s reflect is whiter than the white color. One can perceive what could be taken as galaxies by someone who is not used to visiting this place. However, Cheikhou Tidiani teaches us that these are nothing but the stars. Those silvery stars are bigger than our universe. In a nutshell stars are located at the third sky.

What is astonishing is that you can hear zikr emanating from inside each of those billions of stars. Those zikr are proffered by the seven angels residing in them, repeating the following chorus: “Yaa Amyâlu, Jalla Jalâluhu”.  Such a name of God is not part of the hundred divine names or attributes officially made public, (the Asmâ’u Lâhi-l Husnâ). A plant called mint and birds employ this name to be able to fly in the air. Each star is surrounded by 10 angels who prostrate and say together: “Soubhâna Rabiyal Ahlâ wabihamdihi”. Moreover, what is striking in the third sky is the scintillating black color and the sparkling stars defiling upward, along with the angels’ zikr that resound from everywhere. On seeing this, you become certain that if God commands us to pray then it is for our own benefit, for in the skies, countless and faithful angels perform prayers and zikr permanently and unremittingly.

The distance between the third and the fourth sky is very important, because it takes 12.777 years to travel it when running. However, thanks to Salâtul Fâtiha, the ball of light the Inâyatu Rabbaniyou travels it in 15 minutes. Once at the fourth sky, you are dazzled by a red-colored light. At that stage, one can perceive the golden minaret of the yellowish Zawiya. The minaret is raised up beyond sight as it plummets into the sixth sky. The zawiya has two red doors, kept by two angels, each holding a red spear. When you ask, “whose zawiya is this?” They will answer you that it belongs to the third personality after God and his Prophet who resides here as his headquarter. When you are allowed to enter, you will see in person the one everybody needs, Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmed Tidjani. That’s his place of residence. It’s not today’s topic, but whoever wants to know why Poles Saviors follow Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmed Tidjâni then they would just need to go to the fourth sky, to have their question answered.

In his zawiya, Mawlaya Cheikh (rta) sits down in such a big couch, never seen before in the visible world. The couch is decorated with gold that illuminates the zawiya. Seated, Mawlaya Cheikh (rta) wears a white jellaba, covered by a red mantle, with a yellow-colored turban of light, his beautiful beard reaching his chest. He has shiny hair that is long enough to lay on his back, his eyes twinkling with light. He holds one rosary on his right hand and a second worn around his neck. He is surrounded by his esteemed companions like Seydi Aliou Harachim, Muhammad Damrâwi, Ali Tamasiini and Muhammadul Ghali. Some angels encircle the zawiya, reciting the Salâtul Fâtiha and performing the Tawâf like it is done around the Kaaba. From his couch, Mawlaya Cheikh demonstrates his power and highness given and bequeathed to him by his Master, the Prophet. Thus, he confers sainthood to some people.  What is more amazing is the light that springs from the Zawiya. We can see a red tablecloth spread on the ground, but in reality it is not a tablecloth, it is rather the light of Salatoul Fâtiha flowing from the sea called Bahrul Ghayb. At this level, Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh let us know about his discussion with Sheikh Abdoul Khadr Djeylâni (ra) about the 1000 angels who wanted to cross the sea. When Sheikh Abdoul Khadr Djeylâni dissuaded them, they insisted and decided to do the crossing, at that moment a light has sucked them into a liquid like that of the sea. Since then, they have mixed with this light and continue performing their zikr inside Bahrul Ghayb. This sea is located at the fourth heaven and no angel can cross it because of the extreme heat of the light of Salatoul Fâtiha forming waves that rise and fall. During the Wazifa session, the heart of the disciples of the Tijani Tarikha are lit with that light. It is the same light that has flowed into the Zawiya of the Great Savior Pole and on which he laid his feet without the light absorbing them.

The light obeys him so much that it seems to turn into a tablecloth to welcome the holy feet of Mawlaya Cheikhou Tidjani (ra). Whoever witnesses this event will never deny the fact that Mawlaya Cheikhou Tidjani (ra) is the holder of the authentic Light. He is thus, surrounded by his greatest disciples to whom he talks to before taking important decisions. However, they are not the only ones to have this privilege, because other prominent disciples live in the same zawiya but are assigned to other positions. Among them, we can point out: Sheikh El Haji Omar Tall, Sheikh El Haji Malick Sy, Sheikh Aboubakar Sy, Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, and Sheikh Abass Sall. In addition to that, when Mawlaya Sheikh Tidiane Cherif has to come to our earthly world to meet someone, Sheikh El Haji Omar Tall, as a witness, always accompanies him.

Meanwhile, Sheikh El Haji Malick Sy is assigned to Barzakhoul Maktoûm which is a paradise specially dedicated to Mawlaya Sheikh Tidjani to welcome all his disciples from death until the day of last judgment. There are silver helicopters, heavenly springs and all the good things of paradise. They will be in front of giant screens to follow the events until the end before entering the Iliyîne paradise. We will come back to this story in the next talks because Barzakhoul Maktoûm is a subject apart.  The Savior Pole Sheikh El Haji Malick Sy (rta) leads Wazifa sessions in Barzakhoul Maktoûm. The very mystic Savior Pole Sheikh Aboubakar Sy (rta) is assigned to the headquarters of the Tijani Tarikha located in the red sea.  This is a diamond white room inside the red sea. There is a bowl of light filled with luminous points that are souls of children (rouh) who have not been born yet. In addition, all these spirits will be born as followers of Cheikhou Tidjani (rta). They circulate, performing the zikr of Salatoul Fâtiha.  On the black armchair around which these spirits move, sits a Savior Pole who wears a white jellabas and with a crown of light overseeing them. This Savior Pole is Sheikh Aboubakar Sy (rta). That is why even if a disciple does not know him; his soul recognizes him because he used to supervise him before his birth. Cheikh Ibrahima Niass is in charge of the souls of disciples who will be dedicated their life to seeking for knowing whom the Lord really is. This is named: Al Mahrifatu Bi-lâhi. It is eminent because Mawlâya Cheikh Tidjâni (rta) perfects things until he affects his caliph on disciple souls. On the other hand, Cheikh Abass Sall is in charge of people who make the zikr of Salâtul Fâtiha. His role is to supervise and calculate the lights going up to the heavenly spheres. In fact, during his lifetime, Cheikh Abass Sall was part of the Mafâtihoul Kunûz, a group who is in charge of calculating the lights that go to the Kaaba. Every Thursday he reports it to the Qutbu Zamâne or the Pole of the time. The fourth heaven is full of mysteries because even the Angel of Death is to be found there. If you look behind the Zawiya of Mawlâya Cheikh Ahmad Tidjani you will see him sitting in front of a tree that carries billions of leaves in which are inscribed the names of all people and djinns living on earth. In normal times these leaves are green but if a person is sick and must pass away later, the leaf bearing his name becomes yellow then faded and if it falls, Allah (swt) directly informs the angel of death who suddenly gets up. 

The death’s angel will use his hijabs as he can multiply into 100,000 billion forms. This is what allows him to be present in thousands places to take the souls of people everywhere in the world at the same time. What is also important to keep in mind is that no one can go beyond the fourth sky without passing behind the Throne of Mawlâya Cheikh Ahmad Tidjani. If He doesn’t turn his chair the saints can’t go further, as they will never be able to cross the fourth heaven. In fact, the only door that allows saints to reach the fifth heaven is behind his Throne. When he turns his chair, two angels will open the door.  They are part of the 100,000 angels who populate this armchair and while performing the zikr of Salâtul Fâtiha. No Saint can get access to the fifth sky without the permission of the Great Savior Pole. Moreover, between the fourth and the fifth sky, there is 58,000 years of distance. However, To give an idea of the dimension of Mawlâya Cheikh, if you pass through throne, despite the 58000 years of distance, you will reach the fifth in less than a second.

If you go back to the fifth sky, it is like a sun, a radiant sun. Nevertheless, you will not see a sun but rather a layer of diamond light, a diamond showcase. It’s similar to a sun inside of a diamond. Something extraordinary impresses you, when you reach this fifth sky. If you pay attention, you will hear the resonant sound “Salâmane”, “Salâmane”, “Salâmane” from the angels. You can feel a kind of nice breeze without knowing where it comes from, accompanied by a smell of apple and a very delicious drink. Besides, Mawlâya Cheikh Tidjâni has informed Mawlâya Seydi Mouhamed El Sheikh that paradise is located in the fifth heaven. Reason why it is the largest sky of all seven and God said in the holy Quran:

    سَابِقُوا إِلَى مَغْفِرَةٍ مِنْ رَبِّكُمْ وَجَنَّةٍ عَرْضُهَا كَعَرْضِ السَّمَاءِ وَالْأَرْضِ

« Race toward forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden whose width is like the width of the heavens and earth. » (S.57, verse 21).

If the six heavens and the seven earths had been spread and aggregated, this 5th heaven will be wider that them because that’s where Allah (swt) implanted Paradise. Mawlâya Cheikh Tidjâni told  Mawlâya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh that this pleasant smell of drink is in fact the source named “Kawthar” that God has granted to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) in Surah 108.

The Kawthar river is a streaming source in an endlessly large glass bowl  characterized by its milky whiteness  glass bowl. And alongside it, there are countless cups on tables used to drink. And next to each cup there is a knife and  fork on which these words are written “Lâ ‘ilâha illa lâh Muhammadou rassoûloul lâh” (There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger).
Then, if one continues the trip from the fifth to the sixth heaven, they will have cross a distance estimated of 1225 years. This is one of the closest distances. This situation stems from the fact that one part of the Hadaratul Ilâhiya, the meeting place of the saints, is built in the fifth heaven; and the other part of it is in the sixth heaven.
This is why these two heavens are relatively close. However, in appearance the sixth heaven has a white nickel. Like our nickels but with brighter whiteness.

What is more relevant in the sixth heaven is Hadaratul Ilâhiya, this gigantic room wider than a country like Senegal. The area exceeds millions of kilometers. The chairs inside it exceed billions and billions of seats. It has a radiant podium and two access doors. We will bring more details about it in our next lessons because it is a very broad subject. However, it has two doors; one is on the right and the other behind. The saints get inside through the back door. This happens every Thursday night, from 01am at night till 5am before Fajr. The doors on the right serve access for the Qutbu Zamâne (the pole of the time) and Aqtâbs (Savior poles). With the pole of the time or qutbu Zamâne who stands in front of the assembly and makes his speech. All disputes between saints are solve there. It is also during this sacred meeting that Allah (swt) decrees all events that should unfold on earth for a week.

After Hadaratul Ilâhiya, it is Baytil Mahmûr (Populated House) mentioned in the Holy Quran that is the second more symbolic place of the sixth heaven. From this heaven Baytil Mahmûr, directly overhang the Kaaba and has a room where there are pictures of the 124,000 prophets and the Aqtâbs (large rescue poles). In addition to that, angels go out there to join Judgment Day. Baytil Mahmûr is beautifully decorated.

When the saint leaves the sixth heaven to go to the seventh, he will travel the longest distance because it is in the seventh heaven where Bassâtul Jalal is located. The distance between them is a million four hundred and eighty-six years walk away. That is why it is Sheikh Tidiane only who can enable a saint to cross it in five minutes. If it weren’t for his hep, saints would take 2 hours to reach the seventh heaven by means of their ball of light.

Now if you get to the seventh sky, you will see it shining like the blazes of fire, however it is not a blaze but light that looks like a flame. And when you set feet on the light sheet of the seventh sky, it is as if you set them at the bottom of an ocean. It’s similar to socking your feet on the water. You can see your feet bones smelt down while feeling elastic. It is the cause of the intensity of the  light. What is more amazing in that seventh sky is that all the angels who encircle it have a specific dragon’s figure.  There is only one that looks like an ordinary figure and that is Jibril (as) ( angel Gabriel)

The appearance of an angel is like a brilliant white person with thousands and thousands wings which eyes almost all black. They pronounce the zikr by the chest which rises and retracts. And that’s the ordinary appearance of an angel. However, that seventh sky which is Bassatul Jalal, Angels with dragon figures practice the zikr pronounced “Ya Allah”. When saying it, you can see their mouth get out light of flames in which they inhale after. Those angels are like the dragons we often see in the movies. If you look up you will see a building of light turning around them which is the Light that God refers to the verse: « الرَّحْمَنُ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ اسْتَوَى»

«The Most Gracious who settles on the high heaven» S.20 V4.

The way that Godsettled on his high heaven. It is a light of building that turns around while changing fifty thousand times a second and every color that appears will never come back. That is the way of Allah’s greatness. Thus, if we certify, in the apparent dimension, that Allah (swt) is located at the seventh heaven, it is not about His Absolute reality but a projection of His Light that can be found over there. Nevertheless, He is to be found in the reality of Nothingness or Al-Bast and no one can see Him in there as the distance between the seventh heaven or Bassâtoul Jalal and Al-Bast cannot be crossed by a human being or any other creature. That is the reason why, only three Entities have had the opportunity to talk to Him in the reality of Al-Bast as they had been made up with Allah (swt)’s Own Light. However, many saints have seen His projected Reality located at Bassâtoul Jalâl as it was the case of Seydi Ahmed when he was invited by the Lord to receive the five daily prayers as gift for all Muslims. This happened in what may be considered as His residence, namely ‘Arach which is a building of light whirling. Inside this building, there is His Throne Al-Kursiy beneath which there is a ball of light on which these words are written “Tarîqatul Haqqi”. Such an unknown reality is what is allude by Allah (swt) when He said:” ar Rahmânu ‘alal harchi istawâ”. Thus, as the Khatmiya of Seydi Ahmed, Cheikh Tidiani Cherif is used to giving saints the authorization to go visit that extraordinary Place that testifies the Greatness of the Creator. The discovery of these hidden realities and places unknown for quite a long time shows the paramount importance of practicing zikr in particularly the Salâtul Fâtiha, as it necessecay for the souls to discover the true mysteries of Allah (swt). It is important to remind the disclosure of such secret is not difficult; however, what is difficult is to find a guide who has all the required qualities to provide a spiritual education for the disciple. In fact, for those who have this luck, performing such a trip is easy as going to at work.

All in all, everything said and revealed in this very video characterizes the singularity of the Tarikha Tidiani, while showing why all Savor Poles (Qutbul Aqtâb) had only one wish in heart: being disciples of the Great Savior Pole, the Spiritual Son of Prophet Muhammad : Mawlâya Cheikh Ahmad At-Tidiani Cherif.

This text is drawn from the teachings of our honorable guide Khoutboul Aktaboul Kabir Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh.

Assalamou Aleykoum Wa Rahmatoulahi Tala Wa barakatouhou.