The kingdom of the prophet Solomon

And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers (surah 51, verse 55). 

Faithful believers should be constantly reminded of the precepts of Islam because they tend to forget owing to temptations. However, he who reminds should be exempt of reproach. He should abide by rules to embody the Islamic values for guiding his fellow Muslims. Prophet Muhamad (saw) is the model. The example of Prophet Suleyman (as) is a case in point as he led a big kingdom where djinns and their head were all under his leadership. He was endowed with spiritual power and lots of wealth to rule over his people. These two elements are essential to lead such a kingdom. As a prophet, Suleyman (as) had to watch over the construction of his Temple. He had no time to rest because power is a huge responsibility and is also tiring. 

As a messenger of Allah (SWT), Prophet Suleyman (as) was his representative on earth. He received commands from Allah (SWT). He was carrying them out, but Allah (SWT) was the true leader. That was why He ordered him to build the famous Temple of which he oversaw the construction project. He asked Allah (SWT) to give him a kingdom, and Allah (SWT) put at test whoever asks him for power. This was why Suleyman power was all the way restless.

Suleyman (as) entrusted the building of his temple to his disciples djinns after they made allegiance to him. Suleyman (as) managed first to make the djinns work and control them. He succeed using the power of (Koune Fa Yakoune) to make a demonstration that amazed all the djinns. Suleyman brought 100 followers and ordered them to sit on a mat. When they sat down, he mentioned (Yâ Allahou Koune Fayakûne) and the mat was in the air. Then, he sent them thousands of miles to fetch wood and ask the chief to summon 100, then 200 of his disciples to stop the mat, leading those of Suleyman (as) by pulling in the opposite side. 

However, they could nothing against the disciples of Suleyman who ordered them to pray Allah (saw) if not; he would destroy them by taking away all power.  

One of them, the youngest and the most intelligent talks with  Prophet Suleyman (as) about the justice of Allah (swt) and takes the opportunity to blackmail him and by the same  time have a little rest and thus disobey a few rules of the king. 

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The prophet Solomon and the queen of Sheba

Suleyman (as) accepted when his servant djinns suggested that he had better to send a letter to queen Balqiss rather than pay her a surprise visit. Especially because queen Balqiss had kind of evil djinns much more ferocious than those who served king Suleyman. 

Once there, the messenger of Suleyman who was none other than the same servant djinns was invited to introduce himself to the queen before handing her the letter. 

She opened and found there a verse « Bismillah Rahmani Rahim » and it emanated a certain man whose name was Suleyman but the woman was surprised that that man was served by some djinns. She noticed that there was another hidden enveloped in her guest’s pocket without the noticing of the latter. So that time, she understood that Suleyman wanted her to join him in the religion of one God. There was also another untold element in that story because of its secret (Baatine). That detail was that Suleyman had miraculously included a kind of picture of him at the margin of the letter but there was only Balqiss who saw the detail. She was astounded of his great beauty and immediately tried to spark off the meeting of Suleyman.  Then she declared the audience that she was favorable to the appeal of Suleyman and she believed his God to the detriment of the court’s opinion. 

Thanks to his prophecy, Suleyman had already known the result of the mission before theenvoy finished to give him account when they saw the queen Balqiss coming with her procession to show allegiance before all the audience. 

 However, the woman was sure to whisper him the real reason of her turnaround and Suleyman acquiesced her request after God’s permission. He sent her her bed she considered more comfortable than that at the palace of his new husbandFor that ,Suleyman had convoked the djinns and it was his young manservant who succeeded to transpose it in the best wayAccording to the Aqtabsthat exploit was possible thanks to the creator secret word (kun fa yakun) which was given to him for his master’s service.

From the death of Solomon to the birth of Freemasonry

After her marriage with Suleyman (as), Balqiss who belonged to a kind of djinns that can give birth by hundreds for a single delivery gave birth to a great number of children. It was the reason why Prophet Suleyman (as) prioritized farming and breeding to the detriment of the building of his temple. However, he passed away while supervising the building-site. He had been sitting for three days and his subordinates realized he was no longer alive only after insects had gnawed his walking stick. Immediately, a group of 500 hundred out of the 25.000 of his army made up with djinns rebelled and hid themselves inside the temple under the commandment of their head SAMHAROS. Therefore, Balqiss went back to her for castle with the rest of her subordinates bringing with her all materials that belonged to her and that were used as ornament to the point that only the foundation of the temple remained on place. Angels then took the corpse of the Prophet Souleyman (as).  

However, over the past centuries, researchers undertook the ambitious project of rebuilding the temple of Suleyman (as). Therefore, they engaged four masons who were excellent in this field of art and everything that turns around it. Two of those masons were jews and used to hold sessions of meditation with their two fellows atheist colleagues every night. At the third night, SAMHAROS appeared to them, and made them believe that he was the Prophet Suleyman.  

Freemasonry started in the ruins of the temple of Salomon because of SAMHAROS who usurped the identity of Suleyman (as) wearing a red clothe with a scarf. SAMHAROS threatened them afterwards and obliged them to integrate the sect he was about to set up and let them know that once inside, they will not have the possibility to go out of the sect or it will cost them their lives. So, he ordered them to let down the project of rebuilding the temple and come every day to the temple wearing red clothes like him. 

Indeed SAMHAROS was only wearing red clothes and it is later on that he modernized his clothing to wear a red tie. Therefore, freemasonry had arisen with those few people in the ruins of what is called the temple of Suleyman. 

The organization had earned a reputation over the years with the collaboration of many of the djinns who granted to the supporters of this organization with money and all types of power. This organization was growing day by day with new lodges everywhere in the world. In Italy, Spain, France, Abidjan etc. 

Today, in London, the temple of Suleyman is considered one of the lodge masonic the more powerful. There are also many celebrities who are secretly part of it. The partisans of this organization have gained a lot of power. This situation allows them to spy the organization of the saints to the Khadaratoul Ilâhiya, up even to imitate them in their own way by organizing meeting every Wednesday night from two o’clock in the morning until around three and half hours in the morning and they’re all wearing red clothes.  

Some of them pray on dogs’ skins and money is not a problem at all for them. 

A woman related a history with one of the supporter to this organization. Indeed, there were a man she was dating who was giving her everything that she wanted including money, jewels, presents, etc. One day, the man visited her to her house at the time of Maghreb, therefore the woman told him to join and lead her for praying but the man had an unexpected reaction. He immediately became angry about what woman told her that he left the house being upset.  

When the man came back the day after, the woman asked him to give explanations about what happened the day before. Then, He retorted that he does not pray. He asserted that without showing any disgrace. From that point, the woman let him know that she would never get married with somebody who does not perform their Islamic duties. Those words, made the man get angry and answer by bullying her. Indeed, he told her that it was the end of their love story and that she would never get married in her life. A threat that the woman did not take in consideration. Afterwards, the man told the woman that he would take a picture of her with a needle and whenever he pricks a part of her body through the picture; she would fell the prick for sure. However, the woman did not believe in that, she did not think it to be possible, and regarded those words as plain craziness. Thus, the following day, the man called her up. Thinking that the man regretted his deeds, the woman asked him whether he wanted to carry on being with her or not. The man answered by saying that it was not his intention to be with her once again and told her that he called just to show her that he was able to carry out his threats. 

 Then, he started by pricking her on the leg and asking her if she felt pain or not. The woman got immediately afraid because she felt as she had been pricked on the leg. The man continued pricking the other limbs of her body. Suffering, the woman apologized for having offended him and besought him to stop pricking her body. Nevertheless, the man did not accept those apologies and blackmailed her from time to time. Then, the woman did everything she could to break that cuss without success. So, she went with her relatives to the man’s home to apologize. Unfortunately, the man did not accept their apologies. What is awful in that story is that only a real Saint can heal her and break the cuss. 

In the light of what has been said, we can assert that it is something of a paramount importance to be very wary and know very well those we put in our life. In fact, the choice of the people with whom we want to have close ties can in somehow direct our perception of realities. In addition to that, it no use saying that obsession for easy money can lead go astray all the more freemasonry is increasingly gaining ground around the world in general and among the elite, policymakers and wealthy. 

All in all, let us bear in mind that it was after the reign of the Prophet Souleyman (as) that some of his subjects used his legacy, falsified it and advocated for darkness in spite of the teachings of light he taught during his lifetime.  

This is the reason why, during a discussion, the Great Helper Pole held with the Prophet Souleyman (as) in Barzakh, he told him that the mission given to him was a success. However, the only thing that can be regarded as a flaw in it is the wrong use that some evil-intentioned organizations make of it by diverting a great number of people right path. 

Therefore, Freemasonry is a powerful and dangerous organization which has partisans all over the world. Therefore, it is compulsory to follow the teachings of the Beloved Prophet of Islam, Seydi Ahmad (saw) by choosing very well people we frequent and not having the obsession of easy money which is one of the most widespread hook used by such organizations to attract more followers.