As salamu Aleykum Brothers and Sisters, Today we are going to talk about The sun and the moon.

God swt, created the heavens and the earth and everything in between, He is also at the origin of other worlds of which we know very little about. He adorned his creation according to His will. He created two stars, which are the sun and the moon. Their particularity lies in the fact that they are in the Ghayb world (the world of hidden realities) and yet they are of vital importance to the life of this world or the chahâda world.

The scientists of the chahâda world are the heirs of the Ghayb scientists who are called the Mafâtihul Kunûz. These latter are in charge of calculating and decrypting all the lights coming from the earth and entering the sky.  Scientists from the Chahâda world who have inherited some of the secrets of the Mafâtihul Kunûz, have managed to find planets such as Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune just to name a few. They also discovered stars that they named the moon or the sun. They went even further by saying that Neil Armstrong went to the moon and described the place. But these revelations only concern these scientists.

By going to the first heaven, one meets on the way huge balls capable, in case of fall on earth, of destroying an entire country. To the touch, these balls look like ice material, covered with dust. These balls rotate in space with the wind. On some of them, there are satellites planted by scientists. What is impressive, and which gives food for thought, is the fact that these balls have existed in space for more than thirty years but are in no way affected by the heat of the sun’s rays.  Their icy matter is still intact because they are protected by the dust that covers them. These balls are comparable to a clay canary in which ice has been introduced.

The Sun and Moon trajectories

God created the sun and moon and left them in the ghayb world. The sun moves between the fourth and sixth skies. It has a very particular path that does not go beyond this delimited space. In very cold weather the sun is in the 6th sky, when it is hot it is in the 4th sky. The 3rd sky is not part of his circuit. If it were to reach this level, there would be no life on earth. The intense heat from its rays would destroy the ozone layer and all life on earth.

As far the moon is concerned , it is in the 6th heaven. This is the place assigned to him. She never goes out, unlike the sun.

Haqahiqil Munzil: The origin of the Sun and Moon

Outside of the seven heavens we know, God has created other heavens that have not been spread and are hidden from people’s eyes. The sky called “Haqahiqil Munzil” or “Haqqiqatul Munzil” is one of them. It is from this sky that the sun and the moon have been cut. Allah (SWT) grouped the soul of the set of “Qutbu Zaman” (or poles of their time), which are 325, positioned them in a circle on this sky “Haqahiqil Munzil” and cut this part of the sky occupied by these saints, and made it the sun. It is for this reason that during the weekly general assembly of Hadhratul ilaahiyah (celestial assembly), the Qubtbu Zaman boast of saying that they were present during the creation of the sun.

The moon was in turn created from the circle formed by the “Qutbul Aqtab”. What remains of the sky “al Haqahiqil Munzil” was used to illuminate “Barzakh” or the afterlife. Barzakh is perfectly lit and there is no lamp, no moon, no sun.

The sun and the moon were then each installed in an orbit. In verse 5 surah 55 Allah (swt) says: “The sun and the moon evolve according to a meticulous calculation.” This calculation is very important.

The sun is a ball that is fully lit. It has no dark side, and its area is 70 times greater than that of the moon. The sun is made up of two sides, a right side and a left side. These two sides illuminate with the same intensity. Allah (swt) introduced it into an orbit called “Al Miqdar”.

This orbit is a kind of fabric cut from the sky “al Haqahiqil Munzil” where the sun and the moon were cut off. These are the fragments of sky remaining after the cutting found between the two parts that Allah (swt) transformed into an orbit.

The orbit has two faces. The right side is white, and it shines with the light of the sun, the other is red and illuminates with the light of the moon.

Allah (swt) took from this fabric to cover the sun. This fabric is similar to an elastic material that adapts to the shape of the sun when moving. This fabric, when it widens and adapts to the shape of the moving sun, looks like a pipe between the different skies crossed by the sun where one of its ends is in the 6th heaven and the other in the 4th. It is inside this pipe that the sun moves (surah 55 verse 5). According to scientists, the sun is still because the earth revolves around itself for 24 hours. As a result, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This is what causes the time differences and the fact that day and night are observable in two opposite areas of the earth.

But the reality is that the sun is not static, it moves. As he leaves the 6th heaven, in very cold weather, he makes the zikr of the supreme name also called “Ismu lâhil Ahzam”. It is for this reason, that at no time does the intensity of its light diminish. If it happens that we do not see it, it’s because its rays are covered by the clouds. It illuminates despite the fact that it is inside the fabric, and its heat is of an intensity without measure. What causes this heat is the zikr of the supreme name that he continually practices. The sun cannot be approached by anyone because the heat it gives off could melt anyone who approaches it. Scientists can only analyze the sun through its rays. The description of the sun from the rays is insufficient. To access the reality of this star, it is necessary to return to the divine word which says: “the lord of the two levers and the two sunsets”.  When God swt wants a place to be illuminated by daylight, the part of the orbit corresponding to the area concerned is rolled up. And when it is dark in another part of the world, the “Al Miqdar” coverage is intensified there. What must be understood is that if the sun had not been covered by this fabric, no corner of the earth would be in darkness as the sun has no dark side, it would eventually be day everywhere.

The fabric “Al Miqdar”, also called the orbit of the sun, plays a major role in the alternation of day and night. When the fabric covers the entire star (or it is said that the sun has entered its orbit), the whole world is plunged into the night. If the fabric reveals even a tiny part of the sun, it is understandable that the day rises in a place and that the rays of sunlight gradually settle in the country concerned. All this is the action of God swt who, according to his will, activates or deactivates its different phenomena depending on whether the sun is in the sixth heaven in cold weather, or in the fourth heaven in the Ghayb universe, in hot weather. When the rays of the sun leave the sixth heaven to arrive in the visible or chahâda world, they pass through the fifth heaven, then through the fourth and so on until they cross the clouds and land on earth. They are filtered into the atmosphere of the different skies they pass through so that their intensity and harmfulness are reduced. The way scientists describe the evolution of the sun near the earth is inaccurate, because the heat from its rays would destroy all life in its immediate environment.

In Sûrah 55:17,”… the two levers and the two sunsets…” God refers, in reality, to the description of the sun and the moon.  These two stars do not operate in the same way. When, for example, part of the fabric has risen, and we say that it is daytime in Africa, the same fabric covers another part of the world that is plunged into the night like in China. This verse well illustrates this phenomenon, it describes how God introduces day into night and night into day without disturbing the pre-established order.

The sun continuously performs the zikr of Ismulahi Ahzam or the Supreme Name. Sometimes Allah wants the sun to be hidden by commanding the orbiter Al Miqdar to cover it completely allowing its light to lessen its intensity. That is what is called the covert time, which exists permanently in Barzakh where it is neither cold nor hot, but lukewarm.

On a minute and second basis, Allah calculates the sun’s movement through its orbiter. The sun’s trajectory is based on a precise estimation. The Lord manages the different phases of the sun, its bright and its dark side.

The scholars who think that they dominate the functioning of the sun and who often provide predictions of future eclipses, believe that the world is real, but that is not the case. In fact, from Haqiqa, this world is but virtual. Their reasoning is thus false. The real world is Barzakh. This one in which we live is ephemeral.

Oftentimes, the sun goes off from its orbiter Al Miqdar while moving, which brings most of the earthly surface into sunlight. God says: “the Sun runs into an assigned bed, such is the determination of the Almighty Allah.” The bed is the orbiter. When going out of its orbiter, the sun is in the fourth sky. The orbiter is a sort of channel situated in the sixth sky running down to the fourth sky. It runs through the orbiter from the sixth sky to the fourth, following the command of Allah. Sometimes, it runs off the orbiter and becomes utterly uncovered.  At that moment, almost the entire globe is in broad daylight. Even some countries that seldom see the sun can perceive it clearly. But that off-orbiter movement is short, since the sun runs back into it, like for about 2 hours. “such is the determination of the Almighty”. This verse reiterates the Almighty God and the Omniscient.

One should understand by this that the sun is not moving because of environmental forces or simply out of natural causes. It is moving following a Divine command by the Supreme Name that it performs as a zikr. It is through this name that the sun operates through the channel of Al Miqdar, all under the Divine Order.

When Allah (swt) orders the sun to stay in the sixth heaven, it moves inside the orbit without leaving that sky. When it has to go to the fourth heaven, it goes through the fifth heaven then the fourth heaven and then turns back.

If we estimate the time spent travelling between the fifth and the sixth heaven, this would correspond to the time on earth between sunrise and sunset.

When Allah (swt) wants a manifestation of the sun in the fourth heaven, He leaves the sun in the sixth heaven to carry out its mission while angels come to gather some rays and bring them to the fourth heaven in order to light and illuminate the part of the earth that must be in the heat as Africa for example.

In these cases, the difference in temperature between Africa waking up in the heat with a fiery sun and Europe on the other hand which has an intense cold with a faint glow of the sun, is noticeable in the same period. The angels also play a role in ray filtering. They manipulate the rays to steer them in different directions. When the sun moves itself to the fourth heaven, we notice that it is hot in almost every country on earth. The alternation of days and nights in all countries is indeed entrusted to the orbit of sun called Al Miqdar. The main role of the sun is to move like a wheel rolling on a path, following a precise calculation. It never stays in the fifth heaven, as that is for him a mandatory passage. At this level, it moves at a vertiginous speed which amounts to billions and billions km/h. The sun wanders and spends more time in the fourth and sixth heaven.


God has established many phases for the moon. And He says: (and to the moon we have determined phases until it becomes like the aged palm, surah 36 – verse 39).  The moon unfolds in many phases until the full moon stage. It remains in the 6th heaven and never moves. It has also the same orbit as the sun and unlike the latter only one side is illuminated and it is the right side.

The moon’s orbit is a fragment of Al Miqdar. Which is normal since the sun is 70 times bigger than the moon. The orbit covers only the right side of the moon. When it reveals a part of it, we talk about lunar crescent and so on until reaching the full moon. The moon practices the zikr of the 201 names of the prophet (pbuh). The evolution of the zikr accompanies the action of Al Miqdar. At the zikr of the first name, the orbit reveals a part of the moon, in the second name, another part. It is so until it reaches the 101st name and that’s where there is the full moon. The fabric then comes off completely. At the 102nd name, the opposite effect begins to occur. The fabric from the sky called Al Haqîqatul Munzil and also the orbit of the sun, gradually begins to envelope the lunar body, until it covers it entirely and disappears completely in the eyes of people at the 201st name.

The full moon is an important period in Islam. It is on the 14th day of the month that the moon arrives at the 101st name of the prophet. If we decipher the 101st name, we notice that it corresponds to “Amine”. All prayers made during this night are answered. The orbit reactivates its process again in order to make the moon visible. This process of reactivation can last 1 or 2 days.

Unlike the sun moving between different heavens, the moon is immobile in the sixth heaven and it is from this heaven that it illuminates the world. The world chahâda benefits from the light of these two stars thanks to this sky named Al Haqâ’iqil Munzil in which they come from and whose natural light illuminate Barzakh or the hereafter.

God swt says: “The sun can not catch up with the moon, nor the night get ahead of the day; and everyone sails into an orbit (Surah 36, verse 40). Indeed, the orbit of the sun as a channel pipe connecting the 3 heavens has in its bowels, the sun like a wheel thrown into a frantic race leading a divine mission. On the other hand, the immobile moon in the 6th heaven is not completely covered by the Al Miqdar fabric since the unlit part of the moon is not concerned by this process.

The sun moves inside its orbit, as for the moon, it does not move it is only its orbit that covers its right side that is mobile. So the two stars can not meet. This explains the verse quoted above. Nevertheless, there may be a catch-up between their orbit.

When the moon, in its zikr, arrives at the 101st name and that the fabric is detached from the moon while waiting to restart the process of reactivation of the phases, it can happen that the fabric flies, drift to enter the orbit of the sun and blocks the latter it in its evolution. It is this phenomenon that we call lunar eclipse.

When this event occurs, the fabric of the moon throws the lunar rays onto the sun and conversely, the sun sends its rays into the orbit of the moon that projects these rays on the moon. Which gives the impression that the moon has entered a place. The sun, stuck in his zikr of the supreme name stops. And the moon waiting for the return of its orbit stops on the zikr of the 101st name of the prophet. Lunar eclipses usually take place during the full moon. It is rare for an eclipse to occur outside the full moon period.

Mystical scholars pray during eclipses. Why do they pray? God swt in a verse said: “lā sh-shamsu yanbaghī lahā ʾan tudrika l-qamara wa-lā l-laylu sābiqu n-nahāri wa-kullun fī falakin yasbaḥūn ” (36:40) “the sun does not catch up with the moon as the night cannot get ahead of the day. Everyone is in his own orbit.”

Following an eclipse that has occurred, a major event is being prepared behind, and scientists are aware of it. “Laa uqsimu biyaumil qiyaamat» [75:1] I swear by the day of the resurrection! but no, I swear by the soul that keeps blaming itself. Does the man think that we will never gather his bones?

But of course we are able to put the ends of her fingers back in their place. Would the man want to continue to live like a libertine? He asks: when is the day of the resurrection? When the view will be dazzled (corresponds to the moment when the moon’s orbit enters that of the sun) and the moon will disappear (explains the fact that the sun sends its rays to the moon and gives the impression that the moon is covered) and that the sun and the moon will be reunited … “

It is right here the description of the end of the world and that is why Saints pray to break as quickly as possible the situation. A mystical secret is hold by   some Saints to put things back in order. It is enough for them to practice the zikr of the hundred and first Name of the Prophet (pbuh) just where the moon has stopped, associating it with the zikr of Ismul lâhil a’zam recited by the sun for the situation to settle. Those words pronounced by the saints reinforce and intensify the zikr of the two stars making everything return to its initial place.

The scientists explain that phenomenon differently. They say that the earth revolves around the sun, and that a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the earth, and the moon are aligned. Nevertheless, the celestial reality is otherwise.

The Outcome

By all these phenomena God  demonstrates his greatness because he is  the Lord of the two Risings  and  two sunsets (Sûrat 55, verse 17).

The two risings: is the moment when one sees in the sky the sun and the moon. The moon making the zikr of the 101st name of the prophet, cleared of its orbit drifting away and the sun lighting the day with its rays making the zikr of Ismul lahil A’zam. At this moment God proclaims that he is the Lord of the two risings and the two sunsets.

When each of its stars regain its place and both remain hidden from the people’s eyes, God Swt once again claims his power by attributing himself as the Lord of the two risings and the two sunsets. The two stars find respectively their natural orbit and continue to practice the zikr assigned to them. The orbit of the moon returns to position itself by covering it gradually, the sun resumes its trajectory which is to sail from the 6th to the 4th heaven. This moment is called declination. The two stars communicate at that moment and exchange the zikrs. The Sun takes the light of God which is The supreme name and addresses it to the moon who in turn addresses the Names of the Prophet whose zikr he is doing at the sun. It is a mystical relationship that they are developing. The saints who have the power to witness and hear these exchanges are fascinated by the scene unfolding before their eyes. The interpretation of these phenomena by scientists is wrong. For God swt says “the sun and the moon evolve according to a meticulous calculation” (Sûrat 55 verse 5). It is God who calculates the whole process of progression of these two stars. It is HE who measures how the sun expresses himself to exalt his Name; He also measures how the moon practices the zikr of the names of the Prophet (pbuh). Sunlight is actually the sum of the light of God and that of the prophet (pbuh). The light of the moon concentrates in it, the light of the prophet. Their orbit, also called Al Miqdar, is the Khatmiya, which is the light of Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmada Tidjani Cherif (rta), who embodies both the light of the sun and that of the moon. Scientists of the chahâda world have inherited the science of Mafâtihoul Kunûz or the mathematicians of the sky. They can predict when an eclipse will occur due to the effects of solar rays detected by satellites. They are rarely wrong; their predictions are generally proven. It is God who gave them this science.

The moonlight is red and very beautiful. Accompanied by its orbit Al Miqdar during the zikr of the 201 names of the prophet, the moon produces different sparks of light that spring to each exalted name. Lights of varying sizes are produced. The largest are called comets. The appearance of these comets is organized by God. They affect the lives of people on earth. They predict events that must happen for some people, and also announce the departure of some people who have to leave the world below to join the world of Barzakh. Everything is regulated by God. This science contradicts the scientific theories that men went to the moon and planted a flag. This is not possible because the moon we are talking about is surrounded by angels who protect and accompanies her in her zikr. No scientist can access the 6th heaven let alone plant anything unless you have mystic power.

This text is drawn from the teachings of our honorable guide Khutbul Aktabul Kabir Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh.

Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatulahi tala wa barakatuhu