Assalamou Aleykoum Brothers and Sisters, Today we are going to talk about The fish called “Noon”.

“Noun wal khaalami wama yastouroun” S.68 v1. The name Noun, which Allah (swt) refers to in this verse, is actually a fish whose mission is to carry the 7 lands on its back. The true reality (haqiqa) of this fish brings us back to the divine light. Indeed, God (swt) has created beings of lights in order first to show his power, but also to demonstrate that his inspiration exceeds that of ordinary mortals. The peculiarity of this fish lies in the fact that it is the receptacle of certain divine names. This fish is different from the fish we are used to seeing, regardless their species, to the extent that three livers coexist in its organism. The other animals, usually have a liver, and their taste is unique. But Noun is different from them in every way. These livers were integrated inside his body to delight at the end of the last judgment, the people who will have to go to paradise. For these people, they will be served a meal, in the big reception room where they will be welcomed. Meal prepared and served by the houris of paradise. By tasting these dishes, one realizes that no flavor is comparable to this one.

To reward and honore those who have been faithful to him in this life, Allah (swt) specially made available to them this fish conceived from the light of His Names and whose flavors of the livers are so delicious, so delicate and so different.

We will explain to you the configuration of these livers inside Noun. On the right side of the fish a liver is nestled there, in the middle of its body there is a second liver, and finally on the left side the third one is well attached. Before going into further details, we would like to clarify how things work in Paradise. Let’s take the example of an apple. In the chahada or visible world, by crunching on several parts of an apple, we find the same taste that is uniform on the whole of the fruit that we have in hand. However, when it comes to a fruit from heaven, every bite made on the same fruit is different and better in taste.

These three livers contain in them the secret of the basmala which is: Bismilahi Arrahmani Arrahimi.

Inside the right part, Allah (swt) has drawned the flavor of this liver, in the paradise called Ilyin and more precisely in the flavor of the light of the name Allahou. This name Allahou considered as “ismou zati”, has a singular reality. Its light projects on three levels and has an unparalleled impact on the human being. First, it allows the rouh or the soul to get closer to its creator, and therefore develop with God (swt) a relationship that will be beneficial.

The second reality related to this name is that it allows the body to feel pleasure. Finally, the third and last level of the reality of the name “Allahou” is that it allows the individual engaged in the “path” to have the “kachfoul hijab” or unveiling that allows him to contemplate and admire the wonders of creation

Let us dissect the name Allahou letter by letter in the llyin’s paradise. Allah (swt) created from the Alif a sea of milk, from the Lam, a sea of curdled milk and from the Haoun HE created a sea of honey. The name Allahou is a real windfall in terms of flavor from God. Also, Allah (swt) took the secret contained in all these seas created from the name Allahou to which he associated the world Bismilahi to produce a flesh called liver and which he placed on the right side of the belly of the fish Noun.

In a second time, Allah (swt) took a flavor from the place of paradise called (wassila), associated it with the haqiqa of the name Ar-rahmane to create a soothing sea that allows anyone who enters it to be freed from any physical or moral pain of any kind. This very flagrant and pleasant sea revives the body and invigorates the human being. With the name Latif, Allah (swt) blessed this sea fashioned from the name Arrahmane and created a second mass of flesh called liver which he placed in the middle of the Noun fish’s organism.

On the left side, God (swt) proceeded as follows: He took a flavor from the place called Janatin Firdaws blessed it with his name Salam, mixed it with the reality of his name Ar-rahim, to create that flesh called “liver” that He placed on the left side of the fish’ belly.

These three livers are destined for the future inhabitants of paradise, during the official ceremony of the day of the last judgment. But we must not forget the fact that these three livers allow the fish Noon to breathe and live. The flavors from Illyin, those taken in Wassila and finally those from Janatin Firdaws have been transformed into the fish body in a divine light that represents the divine name contained in Basmala (Bismilahi Arrahman Arrahim). This is what makes the fish body live. The other two names that intervene and allow the fish to breathe are Latif and Salam. It is these five realities that are hidden in the being of this fish called Noun.

When the Houris arrive with the three dishes, the right liver (which combines the names Allahu and Bismilahi) will be reserved for the prophets, poles, saints, martyrs. The middle liver (associating Ar-rahman and Latif), will be served to the Ulul’l-Azm Anbiya (that is to say to the five chosen prophets) led by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with at his side, the great pole rescuer Mawlaya Cheikhou Tidiani, who is the Katmiya of the prophet Muhammad (saw), the Aqtâbs or rescue poles, and a whole group composed of the chosen belonging to the restricted circle of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The left liver (which groups together (Ar-rahim and Salam) is reserved for all Muslims going to paradise. In this room anyone who tasted the dish that will be presented to him by the Houris will automatically know the paradise station of his future home, without having the angels pointing him the direction.

Indeed, a secret is hidden in each of those livers that have different tastes. The one on the right will allow people who will have to taste the life of the paradise called Ilyin without the excess of pleasure harming them. The middle one will indicate to its intended recipients who will also live in Ilyin paradise at the place called Wassila, which is the best place in Ilyin. The one on the left will let some people know that their final destination will be Janatil Firdaws. Once again, we find the importance of Basmala (Bismilahi Rahmani Rahimi) which is the driving force of any action in the batin world (or hidden realities) and the chahada world. Associated with the Name Latif and Salam, it gives life to the Fish Noon. The Basmala constitutes a set of exquisite flavors gathered in the livers of Noon, and which allows any being who has tasted to enjoy the food and the pleasures of different paradises.

Let us go back to the Illyin paradise to find the three seas created from Allahou’s letters that are Alif Lam and Haoun. God (swt) has diluted the sea of honey issued from the letter Haoun by the sea of fresh milk of the Alif and that of the curd from the letter Lam. This mixture of three seas created a single sea contained this time in a glass bowl. Its white color is more resplendent than that of the two seas of milk that constitute it, and its flavor is exceptional. This sea stretches over the place Wassila, crosses Illyin Paradise, and continues to reach Paradise Janatil firdaws. On the bowl we can read a sparkling handwriting “Bismilahi Rahmani Rahimi : ina ah teynakal kawsara …” It is this sea that was given by God (swt) to the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Qur’an. Glasses, cups, silverware, as well as unopened bottles filled with kawsara water on which are marked: “Bismilahi Arrahmani Arrahimi ina ahteynakal kawsara”, are arranged all along the two banks. The very good smell that emanates from this sea is enough to quench thirst. Wherever one can be found in paradise one can see that it is the sea of the prophet (pbuh) that has been quoted in the Holy Qur’an. When you want to drink, the bowl opens and you can use as many times as you want. Here is the reality of the Noun fish that carries the seven lands. Other names of God fill the environment in which he evolves. God (swt) once again proved to us that the organization of his worlds is beyond the human understanding. He introduced the world batin to the world chahada, He mixed the zahir to the batin without this creating the slightest malfunction in the established order.

This text is drawn from the teachings of our honorable guide Khoutboul Aktaboul Kabir Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh.  

Assalamou aleykoum wa rahmatoulahi tala wa barakatouhou 

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