Today we will take a plunge into the life story of Yusuf the prophet (as).the life of this prophet can be divided into two parts. One will concern his Chahaada part that is his terrestrial or common the life story during the which Yusuf experienced many tests. These tests followed the dream he had one day and told his father Jacob who was also a prophet.

The other part, from the angle of the haqiqa that is the genuine unknown reality, that is still much more fascinating and that made him so special among his 11 brothers.

The dream that made it difficult to live with his brothers.

Yusuf had a dream and since that day, the trials he faced did not not stop increasing day in day out. Indeed, in Surah 12 Yusuf  verse 4 the Holy Quran reminds us of this story in these following terms:

Yusuf said to his father: “Oh my father, I saw in dream eleven stars, the sun and the moon prostrate to me.”

Jacob (as) interpreted his son’s the dream and asked him to avoid his brothers know about it. Jacob feared that Yusuf brothers used this dream to work on the side of Satan the banished. Indeed the latter would make them believe that a destiny is never final and that a human being can change it, what would call into question the divine will. However, unfortunately, Yusuf and his father did not know that there were brothers behind the door and therefore heard the whole discussion.

Yusuf brothers, for their part, have interpreted the dream of their brother by considering that the meaning is: will come a day when they will all be submitted to the authority of their young brother. They then decided to put into practice a plan to get rid of him.

The mistake of Jacob (as) that plunges Yusuf into the well

Jacob, as a prophet, Allah had blessed his word to the point that everything he said came true. When Yusuf’s brothers came to ask him to let Yusuf accompany them to lead the cattle into the bush, Jacob replied, “I do not want to let Yusuf go with you, because I fear that in a moment of inattention, jackals kill and devour him without you knowing “Jacob, making this statement, made a mistake, and he immediately felt a sense from Allah that he knew that what he had said was going to happen. Yusuf brothers insisted so much that they managed to convince their father to let Yusuf go with them. When they arrived in the bush, some brothers proposed to kill him because they did not want to be under the authority of their younger brother if his dream would come true. Others, remembering that killing is a sin, proposed together to throw him into a well considering that even if Yusuf survives, he would be recovered by the caravanners and would be sold to serve as a slave.

 Once their plan was executed, they found that they still had a problem with what to say to their father Jacob. The brothers thus took Yusuf’s shirt, on which they spread the blood of a jackal they killed and presented it to their father, claiming in tears that finally their father was right and that in a moment of inattention, Yusuf had been devoured by jackals.

well desert yusuf

Jacob, looking at Yusuf’s shirt stained with blood, finds that there is no hole, which made him doubt about the fact that Yusuf had been devoured by jackals. But helpless, Jacob, could not do anything. The 11 brothers realized that they made a mistake by presenting a shirt without any holes. From the angle of the Haqiqa, the Ghayb world also called the unknown world wanted to teach the 11brothers the lesson that they should have concentrated all the efforts they made to strengthen the kinship ties that linked them with their brother Yusuf rather than trying to kill him because no one can oppose the will of Allah SWT

However, Jacob did not believe in the version given by Yusuf’s brothers but he had no possibility to prove that Yusuf was still alive. However, he understood that what happens to Yusuf is the divine will, it is not worth worrying because Allah has decided for Yusuf. Therefore, everything that happens is done according to a pattern of fulfillment of the divine will. One day, caravanners, drawing water from the well had Yusuf hooked to the rope and they took it out. They made it their property, and sold it as a slave in Egypt to an important personality named Al Aziz who made Yusuf his new property and brought him to work in his house for 6 years. The brothers of Yusuf, believing to have sacrificed their younger brother rather participated in the realization of the mission of the latter.

Nubuwa or Prophecy and the gift of dream interpretation

The Nubuwa or Prophecy held by Yusuf  was particular. We will remind you of the different kinds of Prophecies that exist and their origins.

  1. On the one side, there is the Nubuwatul Ah’zam or the Ah’zam Prophecy held by the Prophet Muhamad ( p.b.u.h) that gave birth to the Nubuwatul Ah’zar or the Ah’zar Prophecy that is the ownership of the Great Helper Pole who is the intermediary between the Prophet Muhamad ( p.b.u.h) and the other Prophets ( p.b.u.t)
  2. On the other side, there are the other kind of prophecies such as Nubuwatul Barzakh, Nubuwatul Talsam, Nobowatul Uznâ, in a next video we will talk about these prophecies in details.

Thus, each of the 313 Messengers had his own prophecy or Noubouwa. And the Noubouwa of Prophet Yusuf was stored in the same place where was the sky called Al Haqâ’iqil mounzil.

Al Haqâ’iqil munzil

It is the sky from which the sun and the moon have been cut out. In addition to that, paradise light comes from it. That is the reason why in paradise there is no lamp even if the environment is characterized by an intense lightening. After having cut out the sun and the moon, God The Almighty roll up that sky like a mat and then kept it somewhere. It is in that place that some Prophets’ Prophecy was kept including Yusuf (as).

Therefore, before integrating Yusuf’ soul, his Nubuwa or Prophecy was located at al Haqâ’iqil munzil. This situation is in the origin of the dream that Yusuf had and narrated it to his father. However, the interpretation given by his father is related to Chahaada the world in which we are. 

Through this dream, God the Almighty reminded the Prophet Yusuf of the reality of the light of his own Prophecy, that was in cohabitation with his Prophecy with the sky known as Al Haqâ’iqil munzil.

In fact, since the moon and the sun derived from  that sky, the fact of seeing them in dream prostrating to him, reminded Yusuf the narrow link existing between him and those two stars. Regarding the 11 stars, they refer with the eleven reflects of al Haqâ’iqil munzil, even if it corresponds the same number of Yusuf’s brothers.

Note that al Haqâ’iqil munzil has never overhung the earth on with we are living, only derivations of its light namely the sun and the moon are visible on earth through the light that comes from them.

Thus, the prophet Yusuf was the first human being that Allah (s.w.t) brought on earth with the reflect of the light of this sky that illuminates paradise. In fact, God the Almighty had decided to bring on earth a piece of light of al Haqâ’iqil munzil through an organic transfer. That was the reason of the choice put on Yusuf soul to accomplish this divine will. That is the source or the secret of Prophet Yusuf legendary beauty.

Dreams Interpretation                                            

To better understand how prophet Yusuf is able to interpret dreams, we have to take into account the principle of the secret of the light of paradise that comes from the sky named Al Haqâ’iqil Munzil.  Indeed, the power of the light of paradise is such that one can see in the interior of the apartments, the furniture and the equipment that are there without entering, meaning while remaining at the outside of these apartments. In fact, there is no Baatine or hidden realities in paradise everything is conspicuous through its light.

Carrying this light of paradise on him, the prophet Yusuf had the ability to see the hidden realities or the Baatine. In this regard, he could interpret in a fair and precise manner all the dreams that were told to him. And even after having pass away, the prophet Yusuf continued to transmit this gift of interpretation of dreams to other saints.

As an example, our Cheikh explains his meeting with the Holy man Mouhamed ibn Sirin, a great performer of dreams, who was one of the 40 most seniors elected officials of his time he presided the assembly of saints “Khadaratoul Illâhiya” which is a meeting held every night from Thursday to Friday in the 6th heaven.

The Cheikh asked Ibn Sirin where his gift of the interpretation of dreams came from. And Ibn Sirin answer that it is while sleeping one day, that the prophet Yusuf appeared to him in dream and asked him to open his mouth and to extend his tongue. When he executed, the prophet Yusuf spit on his tongue. When he woke up, he heard on his right ear the meaning of all the dreams told him.

The real story with the king’s wife

Once the caravanners sold young Yusuf as a slave to Al Aziz, he took him back to his home and assigned him several tasks such as receiving guests or distributing food … Yussuf worked 6 years in the house of his then master.

A legendary beauty

The beauty of Yussuf and the light that emanated from his forehead immediately amazed the whole house of Al Aziz. By comparison, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is more beautiful than the prophet Yusuf but prophet Yusuf wore on him the reflection of the light of paradise.

In reality, this clarity comes from the light from the sky Al Haqâ’iqil munzil that is reflected on his face to the point that his forehead is similar to a full moon. Yusuf left no one indifferent, including the wife of his master Al Aziz.

The great test of Yusuf

The wife of AL-AZIZ, more and more felt attracted by Yusuf and then began to show him a huge desire and finished by making him her indecent proposals². She even entered the room of Yusuf the day that the King was absent, but Yusuf has declined the offer of the woman because of three reasons: his prophecy his inability to do sinful act and also the refusal to betray the trust that the King has placed on him .as the time of this attempt Yusuf ask a protection from Allah and he managed to get out of the room he is pursued  by the woman who grabbed the back of the collar of his shirt . As the king got back and was shocked by being the eyewitness of the scene. He was accompanied by his advisor and then his wife keep screaming of rape and blaming Yusuf, as he denied it  in front of the king who sided to his wife, that’s when the advisor asked the permission to intervene and told the king to analyze the part of the collar of the shirt that was crinkled. After having noticed that the collar was crinkled in the back and not in the front, the advisor concludes that it was the wife’s king  who was trying to rape Yusuf  but not the contrary the story was stifled for the first time it is then  rumor , mockery were circulated from the entire city relating the  sequence of the king’s wife that shakes her up

   ((when they saw him , they admired him , then cut their hands )) Sourat  12 verse 31

Keen to restore her image or personality, the wife of AL-AZIZ organized a big ceremony which women of the city are invited in order to introduce them to Yusuf and trap them .while they were cutting the onions, carottes and vegetables, Yusuf copiously dressed by the wife king, got out from the room introduced himself to the guests. At last captivated by the indescribable beauty of Yusuf suddenly had their menstrual period by passion. Allah didn’t want them to feel disgrace so he made them cut their hands (finger) so that the blood coming out could hide their menstrual in the eyes of people.  These events resulted in taunts of the wife of the king. Despite all her efforts for washing her honor in vain, decided to send Yusuf to prison for a long years. But he was treated with all the consideration regarding his gift of dream interpretation.

Reunion with his brothers and end of his mission

When he was released from prison, Yusuf was entrusted with certain prerogatives of power. It lasted for many years. And when the king died, he succeeded him and directed the state administration.

A strong event occurred when Yusuf was in power. It is when his brothers who, seeking help because of the drought on the other counterparts, presented themselves to the prophet Yusuf without recognizing him. This event materializes the dream with the 11 stars that Yusuf had made when he was still young.

Yusuf took advantage of this meeting to take news of his father Jacob who, become old, could not move anymore. He also asked for the news from his youngest brother and insisted that he be brought back to him at the next visit. Once this has been done, Yusuf will get him back on his side.

This story confirms in the world of Chahaada in which we live, the dream of the prophet Yusuf who saw the 11 stars prostrate in front of him. His brothers would never have imagined that Yusuf had become king and that they would come to ask for help one day.

In revival for Jacob (as), when his children told him what happened in Egypt and the king had insisted on seeing their youngest brother, Jacob understood that it was his son Yusuf.

The moral of this story according to the haqiqa is that no one can play the plans of the Lord, no one can change his will. The obstacles encountered by the men of god or the prophets are part of their mission because they allow to evolve and consolidate their mission.

Some people say that the Yusuf brothers are among the unspoken prophets but the ghayb or invisible world does not accept this state of affairs. Indeed the 11 brothers are the ones who plotted against him so that Yusuf did not succeed his mission. But his mission was a success, his story stayed in the holy story and his legendary beauty has mark the spirits.

Yusuf died 6 days after coming to power. He had indeed accomplished his mission.