Who is Imam al Mahdi (Rta)?

Imam-Mahdi-AS in garden paradise

The Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) according to the Prophet’s Word

We are going to present you today an extraordinary religious fact about the divine mission at the end of times led by the so-called Al Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him).

Who is Imam al Mahdi (Rta)?

First, the term AL MAHDI means, “The guided one” it is the title given to the man whom Allah (ﷻ) guide in his mission to save humanity. Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is a religious person sent by Allah (ﷻ) send at the end of times (Akhiru Zaman) to save the world from sins, corruption, polytheism and violence perpetrated against Muslims all over the world. Therefore he will lead humanity from darkness to the light of Allah (ﷻ), the path of the Truth.  He will bring peace and justice in the world. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) had given a detailed description of Al Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) as well as the time of his advent. Answering the question asked to him in this regard, he (ﷺ) explains four major facts that characterize the time of the advent of Al Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him).

Contextual Heralds of the Mahdi’s Advent

Primarily, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said that it corresponds with the generalization of corruption. This is visible in all sectors of human activities such as trade, the banking system, in the administration, public services etc.

The second fact is the predominance of injustice. Injustice would be directed toward Muslims who would be the more marginalized, brutalized and victimized community on earth. The persecution of Muslims would reach a point that many of them would be killed without even knowing the reason why they face such an awful situation. This is a particular sign of the coming of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him).

This prophecy can be easily seen today with the armed conflicts in the Muslims world in which countless numbers of innocents are being killed.

Finally, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) explained when Muslims would be stigmatized all over the world until it becomes difficult for them to correctly practice their religion. This is a sign of the appearance of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him). 

Characteristics of Imam al Mahdi (Rta)

The first characteristics of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) concern his affiliation. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) explains in this regard that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will bear the same name as him, that is to say, Muhammad. His father will have the same name as the father of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), that is, Abdallah. Continuing the explanation, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) declared that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) would be his descendant, his grandson. In addition, he will specify by saying that the spiritual father of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will come from his descendants, which will make him an authentic Sharif. In this regard, our venerated Sheikh, explain that it is more difficult to be Sharif according to a filiation of light (spiritual) than to be by the biological family link.

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) revealed two other distinctive marks of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him).

It is primarily a scar that is on his cheek, below his left eye, whose shape is reminiscent of a Myrtle leaf.

The second corresponds to the prophetic stamp or seal, identical to that found on the Prophet’s (ﷺ) left shoulder. The latter will also specify the position of the stamp, which is located on the left shoulder of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him).

The Imam al Mahdi’s Descent and His Affiliation in the Tijaniyya

In the same vein, Sayyidina ‘Ali Ibn Abu Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with him) once said that his son Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him), whom he had with his wife Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), is one of the great Salihin (Great Virtues of Islam). He added that in the lineage of Hassan, a black African man will be born, who will look like the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) physically, and inherit all his human qualities.

seydi mouhamed el cheikh al mahdi man looking at the sky divine revelation

Sayyidina ‘Ali Ibn Abu Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with him) specified that this black African man, a descendant of Sayyidina Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him), is Al Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) described by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

el-hadj-malick-sy holding umbrella
Sheikh Al-Hajj Malik Sy (Rta)

In the same vein, Sheikh Al-Hajj Malik Sy (may Allah be pleased with him) (1855 – 1922 in Senegal), a great Muslim scholar, will specify that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be a follower of the Tariqa Tijani or Tidjani brotherhood.

Sheikh Ahmad Tijani Sharif (Rta)

This prediction was affirmed in advance by Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) (Algeria Ain Madhi 1737-1815 Fez-Morocco), grandson of Seydina Hassan and founder of the brotherhood Tijani. He will say in substance that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be a follower of his Tariqa (brotherhood) and will further confirm the fact that he, Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him), is the one who holds the supremacy over the Saints after the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Both the founder of the Tijani brotherhood and all other Muslim scholars have confirmed the fact that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be the Caliph of Tijani brotherhood and he will receive this mission of Caliph directly from Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) himself.

This transmission of the Caliph mission from the brotherhood Tijani to Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will take place in a similar way to the transmission of the brotherhood Tijani by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as Mawlâya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him).

As a reminder, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) handed over the light of the Tijani brotherhood to Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) in broad daylight in the desert of Samghun, Algeria.

It is important to remind that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) gave the Torch of the Tijani Tariqa to his son spiritually speaking Mawlâya Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (may Allah be pleased with him) at the desert of Samghûn in Algeria in broad daylight. As regards the mystic side, it is clear that the mission of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) has been pre-determined.

From now on, there is no doubt that He will be a black man from Africa. The question to be asked now is how he can then be a descendant of the Prophet.

In fact, Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is the Prophet’s genuine son of light. Let us thus explain what a son in terms of light stands for. Whosoever was covered by the light of the Prophet (ﷺ) or that of Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (may Allah be pleased with him) in the preexisting Universe of Ghayb is, de facto, considered as their son as far as light is concerned. Ali ibn Abu Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with him) used to say that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) would be descendant of his son Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him) on the chahâda side. Knowing that Sheikh Ahmad Tijani (may Allah be pleased with him) is related in his lineage to Sayyidina Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him), there are then good grounds for saying that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will inevitably belong to this filiation.

Then, one particularity of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is, both the Prophet and Sheikh Ahmad Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) covered his soul in the Ghayb universe.

Stages of the Mahdi’s Existence in the Holy History

Moreover, we should bear in mind that there exist three steps of existence for Saints; among which the first two precede the existence they have on earth.

The first one is the Nurâniyyu steps (existence as a light). Indeed, the saints or Awliyâ can live billions of years under the shape of a light in the universe of Ghayb performing a zikr or glorifying Allah (ﷻ).

The second step is the Rûhâniyyu one (existence as a soul or spiritual kinship). This consists in the light of the saint becoming a soul that would later be born or not depending on God Willing.

However, if Allah (ﷻ) decided that this soul would live on earth He would then insert it in the body of a fetus. Such a process is the third step of existence or the Al-Insaniyyah state.

As regards Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him), he is the spiritual son of Sheikh Ahmad Tidjani (may Allah be pleased with him), who, in his turn is the genuine and spiritual son of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

Let us add that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be living in a place surrounded by water namely a peninsula.

In addition to that, he will thus own a city dedicated to him. When his mission will break out, Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will always be accompanied by the spirit of Sheikh Omar Futiyu Tall (may Allah be pleased with him), (Senegal 1794- 1864 Mali) who miraculously vanished in the cliffs of Bandiagara in Mali to get back to the heaven where he held a discussion with Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and Sheikh Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him).

Sheikh Umar Futi Tall

The Mahdi’s Mission and Physical Characteristics

When he appears, meaning when the world discovers him as the Al Mahdi (Amirul Muminina), he will be 40 years old, like the age Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) had when began his mission. At 45 years old, he will dominate most of the Muslim world, except a few. Throughout his mission, he will confirm the position of Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijani (may Allah be pleased with him) as the Khatmiya and Katmiya of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). He will be the Imam of his time, he will recuperate all tariqas or turuq existing then in the Sufis realm to put them in the service the only tariqa he will be leading and of which supremacy he will consolidate over other Tarîqas or turuq. His name will be Muhammad. In the shahada world, his father will have the same name as Prophet Muhammad’s father, Abdallah. He will be a disciple in the Tijani tariqa. He will benefit from the same prerogatives as Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tidjani (may Allah be pleased with him) when the prophet handed over him the harnesses of the Tariqatul Haqqi.This means that the Imam Al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will receive the wird Tijan from the hands of Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tidjani (may Allah be pleased with him) without any intermediary.

He will bear a scar resembling a myrtle leaf on the left side of his face, above the jaws, almost just next to his left eye. Like the prophet, he will have the seal of prophethood stamped on the back of his left shoulder. Is the Imam Al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) a prophet? No. he is not. He could be considered as a Qutb (a great pole) because the soul of the ghawsu has been introduced into his Qutb personality. Imam Al Mahdi in person has received from Allah (ﷻ) the light of the Ghawsu that is the title of Al Mahdi. Therefore, the name Imam Al Mahdi is a title meaning “the well-guided”. So, who guides the Mahdi, but the wahyu.

The resemblance of the Mahdi and the Prophet (ﷺ)

The life of Al Mahdi looks strongly like the life of Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ). First off, no one can claim to have taught Al Mahdi any form of science or mystical knowledge. God (ﷻ) treated him as HE (ﷻ) did with Prophet Muhammad (saw) who was the illiterate prophet or “Nabiyou Umiyou”. His knowledge will impress many scholars who will struggle to find out where he draws from his impeccable knowledge, a science of irreproachable accuracy. Prophet Muhammad foresaw that those who would oppose his teachings would be scholars limited to book knowledge. When people asked him (the prophet), he replied that Allah (swt) will have entrusted him a science never revealed before. All the hidden codes of the shariahtu muhammadiya have been unveiled to him. He has been shown all aspects never revealed in the haqiqa, that is the pure and true codes of realities are in his service for his mission. It is from the source of knowledge called “ilmul ladanui” that Imam Al Mahdis draws his resources to convey his messages in the framework of his mission. His mission is like other prophetic missions. He will be in permanent contact with God who inspires him in his actions. Such a phenomenon is called “Wahyu”. The traditional scholars will be so dazzled by the level of his knowledge and the height of his revelations that they will end up refuting his statements. Imam Al Mahdi will be accompanied by 313 soldiers coming from qayb. The latter will appear in the eyes of everyone or they will remain invisible if required by the situation.

Misconception and Realities of the Mahdi’s War

Some people think that Imam Al Mahdi will be a rider on his horse ready to wage wars. They are wrong because the Mahdi will not deliver any war. Given the global geopolitical context and the level of States armaments, it would be incongruous to see him riding a horse to fight inequalities and to restore divine order. His main weapon will be the secret of (Koune Fayakûne) which will be given to him by God (swt). This secret will allow him to rule the world. Thanks to this, he will neutralize the most powerful weapons (stealth bombers, drones, satellites, nuclear weapons) held  today by the great powers. One of his most important missions will be the conquest of Mecca. He will become the king of it. He will reign over Mecca 7 years as (Amiroul Mouminîna). At the moment, it is quite impossible in the popular consciousness for a black man, moreover African, to be at the head of a state like Saudi Arabia. Only the secret of (Koune Fayakûne) will allow him to achieve such a feat. Imam Al Mahdi will have the ability to morph. He can take the appearance of an Arab and return to his naturel state according to his will. He will resort to this process of transformation between Medina and Mecca.

Once he comes to power in Mecca, armies from all over including Syria will try to attack him in order to overthrow him out of Mecca. However, all strategies of enemies will be bound to failure. Entire armies after hard trainings will try to go on the offensive, but they will all be engulfed by the earth that will open under their feet. At this moment, the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Turkish and the Palestinians will begin to come to him to pledge allegiance and will believe in his mission.

The Mahdi’s Encounter with Jesus Christ

Allah (swt) will send an angel like a herald between the Kaaba and the Maqâma Ibrahima, who will declare with a powerful far-reaching voice, that Imam Al Mahdi is the Caliph of Allah (swt). He will ask everyone to get behind him and to follow his recommendations. This angel in fact is called Nawâmîss, a kind of particular angel. Imam Al Mahdi will truly begin his mission and States like Turkey will come to swear allegiance to him. The Mahdi will reside 5 years in Jerusalem with its sacred Mosque or Masdjidil Aqsa. He will occupy the esplanade of the Mosques during these 5 years. Westerns will continue to devise schemes to fight him without success. They will send missiles against him, but thanks to the secret of Koune Fayakûne that he holds, the Mahdi will return to the sender the bombs that were intended to him. Thus, no one will be able to annihilate his mission. He will begin it at the age of 40 and pursue it for 45 years before the descent of Insa Ibn Mariam : prophet Jesus (as). He will come down one morning at the time of the Fadjr prayer in Damascus, and then he will come to the Zawiya where Imam Al Mahdi will be to lead the prayer.

At the arrival of the prophet Jesus, Imam Al Mahdi will step back and invite him to lead the prayer. The prophet Jesus (as) will decide to stand behind him to pray. After the prayer of Fadjr, Imam Al Mahdi and his disciples will begin their Wazifa session meanwhile, the prophet Jesus (as) left to fulfill his mission throughout churches around the world. The prophet Jesus (as) will live another 9 years to complete his mission. However, Imam Al Mahdi will live 7 years after the coming of the prophet Jesus (as). In doing so, the latter will lead the muslim community for 2 years after the death of Imam Mahdi, before dying naturally in his turn. Indeed, in the Ghayb world, it is stated that Prophet Jesus (as) will live 40 days when he will return to earth, but these 40 days actually correspond to 9 years on earth. This is because the method of calculation in the Ghayb world is done according to several rules that only an expert of this world can translate into the time scale of the chahâda world, the world in which we are living. After living 9 years Prophet Jesus (as) will pass and then the apocalypse will begin. We specify that both their death will be natural.

The Imam Al Mahdi’s Global Dominance

The imam Mahdi will rule the whole world indeed and will be famous. Thus, whoever declares himself the Mahdi will discredit himself? It is noticed that thousands of people declare themselves to be Imam Mahdi, what is wrong; all the more Imam Mahdi will have a universal mission and world fame. Only in Iran, you can see three thousands prisoners because they declared themselves to have been Imam Mahdi. However, we must know that the imam Mahdi of the Shias is different from that of the Sunnis. The Shias allude to the twelfth khalifs who, according the stories had entered in a secret cave when he was child. The shiits wait for his exit from that cave. As for the Sunnis, they are waiting for Imam Al Mahdi, the one revealed by the Prophet. He is the real Imam and Sheikh Ahmad At Tidjani Sherif declared that he would be his disciple and his Caliph in the Tidjani brotherhood. And also, he will confirm that Sheikh Ahmad Tijani is the second greatest character in Islam after the Prophet (saw). Despite the self declaration of some people to be the Imam Mahdi in several countries such as Senegal, USA, France etc. Nobody will be mistaken in the real identity of Imam Mahdi, since the latter will really prove that he is Al Mahdi due to his governance in the world: he will rule the prayers at Masjidil Aqsa in Jerusalem for five years during which he will be siege. He also will besiege at Mecca for seven years where he will rule the prayers at Masjidil Haram. The muslims of the whole world ( Pakistan, Indonesia, the Maghreb, the arab countries, those of Asia,  Africa , Europe etc) pledge their allegiance.

Imam Al Mahdi will rule with the power of “kun fa yakun” that God conceded him. Then all the countries which pledge their allegiance will follow him upon miracles that he will fulfill. For example, he will make an extraordinary  miracle at Istanbul in Turkey consequently  the whole country will not only believe in him  but it  will consider  him as  their supreme guide. That is why; someone who declares himself Imam Al Mahdi without expected proof cannot be credible. The leaders of great power in military will follow him and will be under his authority. All the world Medias will focus on his activity. From that fact he will rule the world by the power he was given by Allah, Al Imam al Mahdi could be compared to the world general force army, a real powerful man. That is why the Prophet used to talk about his importance that is to say the dimension and the greatness of the mission he will have to make such as governance of the world, re establishment of justice on land, establishment of peace, redemption of souls, etc

The Triumph of  Al Mahdi over Massih Dajjal

When Imam Al Mahdi will accomplish some miracles, lead Mecca for seven years and rule Masdjidil Aqsa (Jerusalem) for a period of four years and when all lead all the Muslim community, thus Massîh Dajjâl will appear and try to destroy the achievements of Al Mahdi who had succeeded into making Islam leading the world. Dajjâl will be the Prime Minister of a military and nuclear world power. Moreover, he will be granted superpowers that will be similar to that of Al Mahdi even though the latter mystical powers will be superior as they essentially derive from the light Of Salatoul Fâtiha and the secret of making the impossible possible or Koune fa yakûn. Dajjâl will have the power to kill someone and resuscitate them and will make such wonders in front of people eyes in order to impress them. As a prime minister and army chief, he will have in his possession to the nuclear briefcase of his country, but he will not need it to launch nuclear attacks since he can do it thanks to his supernatural power.

Dajjâl will also be able to neutralize all sorts of weapons. Thanks to his mystical and military power, he will wage a psychological and military war against Al Mahdi. As long as Imam Al Mahdi utilizes a power, Dajjâl will be doing almost the same thing. That will enable him to lead astray some of the Mahdi’s followers either because they are afraid of him or because they are impressed by miracles that Dajjâl get the capacity to achieve. Some will even take him as the Prophet Jesus (as), due to the geographic location of the country he leads. And Dajjâl will even assert the h is God.

However, when he will thus start to considerably bring about upheavals in the Mission of Imam Al Mahdi, Allah (swt) will then send the Prophet Jesus (as) who will descend on earth at the time of the prayer of Fadjr. This event will coincide the 45th years of Al Mahdi’s mission. After the killing of Dajjâl by himself, Jesus (as) will live nine years on earth before passing away. He will spend the first seven years of his life in company with Al Mahdi. During this period, peace, wealth will prevail on earth. The nature will be generous, trees will produce more fruits and poverty will be eradicated. This abundance on earth stems from the drop of the sweat of Jesus (as) on it and the killing of Dajjâl.  

Al Mahdi and the Events Leading to the Apocalypse

During seven years, there will be a period of general stability in the world under the direction of Imam Al Mahdi. At the seventh year, Imam Al Mahdi will pass away and Jesus (as) will continue the mission during two more years before passing away, after that it will be the beginning of apocalypse. All the elements that were discontented will be unleashed, such as the strong winds, the seas that will leave their beds to cause destruction on the earth; the fire will also do its share of destruction and other scourges that will assail the earth. In this advent of Imam Al Mahdi, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) cannot go unnoticed. He said in this case that Imam Al Mahdi would be bald, with a bright face. He said that he would be a young person of exemplary beauty, just like the beauty of Prophet Yusuf. In the same way, Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At-Tijani Sherif (rta) taught our revered Seydi Mohamed El Sheikh (rta) the knowledge of Imam Al Mahdi and his mission. In short, he said “Imam Al Mahdi is my son,” which made many people think that he could only be an Arab, whereas the filiation mentioned by Mawlaya Cheikh Tijani Cherif (rta) is a filiation of light. In other words, Imam Al Mahdi is his spiritual son.

Also, the idea that a black person sitting in Mecca is hard to accept given the way black people are underestimated in the Arab world, yet Allah had already given Imam Al Mahdi the spiritual degree necessary to allow him to achieve his mission regardless the color of his skin. Finally, as it has been written by many Muslim scholars, the Prophet Muhammad predicted the birth of Imam Al Mahdi around the year 1400 of the Muslim era and he will begin his mission when he turns 40.
This is the story of Imam Al Mahdi, and it seems that it is pointless to declare who is Imam Al Mahdi, as he will make himself known by obvious evidence. He will have to perform throughout the world as part of his universal mission.

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